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Yahto is Back!

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3/2/07 Yahto finds his forever home right here in Phoenix.  He is in a perfect home with loving parents and a 3-year-old Black Tri Aussie sister, Sara.  They are doing wonderfully.  Stayed tuned for updates and pictures.

11/5/06 A few new pics and a couple of simple movies for you to enjoy!

Waiting for Dad to come home


Dinner with Friends Movie

Pool Time Movie

10/30/06:  As many of you know, Yahto returned home on 10/17/06 after a 4 year absence.  Introducing him into our existing pack was a 24/7 job for at least 10 days and continues to require constant supervision and consistency.  Having an established pack of 5 who work together nicely was also a lot of hard work to get to that point.  Adding Yahto back put a strain on the entire pack.  For the first 5 days, Zeus was very wary and chose to avoid him at all times (at my insistence).  Dimmer did not come out of his crate for days (I would have to crate Yahto and bring Dimmer out to potty).  Angel was pretty indifferent and Augie and Austin could have cared less!  Dave and I had a spray water bottle attached to our hands for an entire week.

Adding a new pet to your existing crew, whether one or several, requires a lot of patience, guidance and consistency.  It's not always an easy, magical solution, so please make sure you have the time and effort to contribute to making a loving multiple pet family...the result is certainly worth it!

To see Yahto's progress of being part of the AussieLads' crew, click on his picture above.

11/5/06  Ever since Augie had multiple mini seizures (several years ago) due to epilepsy, he has lost strength in his back legs.  He could no longer jump up on the bed to sleep with us, so after trial and error attempts with doggie stairs and a ramp, he settled for a doggie bed on the floor.  If you were lucky enough to know Augie in his early years, you know that he is stubborn and determined and could accomplish anything.  It is so sad to see Augie "settle" for the doggie bed on the floor when we know his determination has faltered due to his slight disability.  Simple walks would turn tragic when he would collapse on the way back home, needing to be driven back.  Play time no longer existed for Augie as he seemed to only lay in the background and watch.

Well, today we were quite taken by surprised when he decided that he "must" play with Yahto!  Many of the pictures are blurred due to the quick action, but you will get the idea of how determined he was to engage in play.  Some of the pictures will break your heart when you see how his legs simply spread and do not hold him.  I did help him back up a few times, but he mostly did it himself.  You will see in the pics the patience of the rest of the crew waiting for him to get up...or simply laying down to make playtime easier for him.

With pride (in Augie for his determination and the crew for their patience), I share with you this photo gallery of pictures taken on 11/5/06.  He had the time of his life, enjoying every minute!

 Augie at play

Yahto gets a haircut

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