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Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. -- Anonymous


3/2/07 Yahto finds his forever home right here in Phoenix.  He is in a perfect home with loving parents and a 3-year-old Black Tri Aussie sister, Sara.  They are doing wonderfully.  Stayed tuned for updates and pictures.

3/24/07 Yahto and Sara Updates!!!

10/24/06 Yahto came back home on Tuesday, 10/17/06.  As many of you know, we lost our son-in-law John in June and still miss him dearly.  Yahto has been with the Lind family for over 4 years, but things get rough when you have a loss...and maintaining an Aussie in that environment can be difficult.  Michele is functioning on a daily basis and having an energetic Aussie, along with 2 older Chi's...not to mention Josh and Maddie...very active children, can create unwanted chaos!!!  Michele shipped Yahto back, much to the dismay of herself and the kids, but best for everyone.  Yahto is back home where he started out in August of 2001.  Dave and Yahto will be attending Obedience Class at Petsmart beginning 10/28/06

Introducing Yahto back into our pack has proved somewhat trying, but patience, love and direction has made it all possible.  A week after his arrival, we finally have some play time with the pack.  Enjoy the pics and stay tuned for updates!


And, as always, Augie during the entire play time :-)

10/30/06: New Pics of Yahto and the crew!

yahto1.jpg (41268 bytes)       

3/11/06 On a recent visit to PA to spend some time with my Grand Kids, I also got to enjoy spending a lot to time with Yahto.  He and Josh (my Grandson) were my constant sleeping companions...all in a twin bed!  Here are some pics of me with Josh, Maddie (Granddaughter) and Yahto...enjoy!

  I'm doing just great at my new home and getting to see all kinds of new things, like snow.  I was a little scared at first, but now I think snow is cool.  I've been having so much fun playing with Josh and Madison (I think kids are great...they always want to play).

My first Mom & Dad (now Gramma & Grandpap) said I'll always be an "aussielad" to them, so an "aussielad" I will remain forever.

 Check out some pics of my new family.

Yahto arrived at Cleveland Airport  (02/02/02) met by his new family and driving home to his "forever" home in Greenville, PA.  He will be loved, grow with my grandchildren and have a very active, meaningful life...there is nothing more a mother could ask for!

09/27/01  I had an "Arizona Screen" blood panel done, which covers all those nasty things like Tick Fever and Valley Fever.  I'd like to report that everything was negative.  I am eating just fine now (must have been nervous before) but I do have lots and lots of energy (maybe that's why I'm not gaining alot of weight).  I especially love swimming, you can see some pictures on the Fun Pics page.  Life here is great, I'm glad they decided to keep me (I really am a "keeper").

Hi, I'm Yahto (an American Indian name meaning "blue").  Mom & Dad tell me that now I'm an "aussielad" (and Mom keeps saying the LAST one).  I have so much fun here, playing with all the other Aussies and sleeping with Mom & Dad.  I even went swimming and I'm really good at it (I even dive in the water).

My new family


Meet my new best wrestling buddy, Peanut



Who me???  I swear I didn't hurt him Mom

Mom, why doesn't Buddy like me?

05/01/03 Yahto, Buddy & Peanut enjoy a pond in Pennsylvania


You can see more pictures of me at the following links:    Fun Pics; Fun Pics 2

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