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ADOPTED 8/8/04


Zeus is a handsome 10-month-old Self Blue Merle male (neutered) with one blue eye and one brown eye.  He is housebroken through doggie door and crate trained.  He is current on vaccinations, including Rabies and Bordatella.  Zeus is really skinny and a little anemic, so he is getting a supplement for the anemia.  He's a little nervous meeting new people and will bark a little, but warms up quickly (especially with a treat).  We will work on socializing him and building his trust.  To read Zeus' story, visit the Desert Dogs page.

7/30/05 Zeus graduated from Advanced Obedience training at Petsmart (Stapley Store) and also received his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Certification.  Both Zeus and I had a wonderful time completing all three of Charlie Patton's (Trainer) classes; Basic Obedience, Click-A-Trick and Advanced Obedience.  I found him to be an excellent trainer who made you leave classes eager to do that week's homework.  Charlie was very patient, understanding and especially enthusiastic in his training methods.  Most importantly, he was never too busy to take time to address any problems or issues you might be experiencing.  Zeus has come a long way from this time last year when he first arrived at our house.  Through the training classes, he was able to learn obedience, receive socialization with both other dogs and people and become a great dog that we are very proud of.  Here are a few pics of Zeus during his final exam and some posing with his proud Mom...and trainer, Charlie.  Enjoy!

5/21/05 Zeus completed Click-A-Trick class today and his favorite tricks were "crawl" and "ring the bell".  Some things he liked more than others, but he really enjoyed the class.  Click HERE to see a few pics of Zeus doing his tricks! Zeus will begin Advanced Obedience on 6/18/05.  Check back for pics and updates!

4/13/05 Zeus graduates basic obedience class at PetsMart!

Zeus was a natural at basic obedience and did really well.  He is now enrolled in Clicker Class and when he completes that class, will be enrolled in advanced obedience.  So, please be sure to check back on Zeus' progress.  Here are some pics of Zeus on graduation day!

4/15/05 Pics of Zeus playing in yard with Dimmer

8/1/04 play night: Zeus and Ryker LOVE playing...here are some great pics of all the action :-)  As you can see, Zeus is such a good boy and took everything Ryker did to him in stride!  When Ryker is asleep, Zeus is busy chasing Angel around the house and yard.

7/29/04 bone night: All the doggies got a marrow bone tonight (even Ryker, who really didn't eat it, but thought it was great...for a little while).  Here are some pics.  All new doggies were in crates while eating their bones (safety reasons)...all my guys were out, except for Dimmer, who prefers his crate :-)  Enjoy!

Angel (who finally did eat her bone)

Ryker (who never ate his bone, but found it interesting)

Zeus (who never hesitate to eat his bone)

Augie, Austin, Kandoo & Dimmer

7/23/04 Update: Zeus is the "coolest" puppy I've ever come across.  He is smart, listens and is quite the lover.  If I thought, for one minute, that my guys could handle living full time with a pup, he would never leave my home.  Zeus is personality plus, in a big way.  He loves to cuddle and when no one wants to play with him...he plays with all of his toys.  Zeus would do best in a home with another friendly doggie because he has never been without a companion...he always had his mom, Zeena.  He may do fine as an only dog with a "stay at home" mom or dad.  Here are some great pictures of Zeus enjoying his time in foster, along with Angel, and playing with all the doggies.  And, as always, my Austin (Red boy) is definitely game for a chance to rumble :-)

In the house


In the yard


Dave getting a little help at his computer (Saturday morning)

7/17/04 Update: Zeus has recovered nicely from his surgery and was introduced to my guys last night.  All went well and he is happy to have a few playmates, as well as having access to the entire house.  He's been busy exploring in between wrestling matches.  Here are a few pics taken of his meeting with the Aussielads.  His favorite one last night was Dimmer, but he's taken a great liking to Austin this morning.  Check back for more pictures.


7/17/04  Okay, I was supposed to be cleaning today (and I did some) but decided to spend the day with the doggies, especially Zeus.  He is just so funny and I thought you might enjoy seeing how he spends his day.  There are 5 albums, all involving different activities.  And yes, that black mark on my couch is duct tape (one of the many foster dogs thought the couch was pretty tasty) and yes, instead of folding the sheets from the dryer, I laid them on the dresser so I could capture the bed wrestling as it was happening...and yes, my bed was actually made, I guess they didn't like the way I did it. :-)  Click on each pic to view the entire album.  It was a fun day for all...and much better than cleaning :-)

7/15/04 Update: Zeus' is at Best Friends Animal Hospital being neutered by Dr. Brady.  He will be coming home soon and will be available for adoption as soon as he recovers from his surgery.  He is a great little pup, especially handsome after his bath (he absolutely HATED it) and loves to play with lots of toys.  He is housebroken through a doggie door, which he learned rather quickly.  Check back for new pictures and updates.


7/13/04 Vet Report: Zeus' exam was pretty routine and he was very a good little boy at the vets.  Other than being extremely skinny, he appears to be in good health.  He is about 10 months old and weighs 31.4 lbs.  He received a Distemper/Parvo booster, Bordetella and Rabies.  Zeus will be neutered on Thursday, if all is good with his bloodwork.  Zeus is funny, friendly and a big kisser!...and enjoys the benefits of air-conditioning, going outside only to potty, then right back to lounging on the bed, chewing on a bone.

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