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Girlie      (click on pic for enlargement)

Girlie is a "white Aussie" adopted by Jean Owen 2 years ago from a lower Manhattan shelter.  Since 9/12, she has spent 100's of hours working at the WTC Family Crisis Center and visiting neighborhood firehouses that lost so many in the 9/11 tragedy.  She has done amazing work with the children who have lost their parent(s) at the World Trade Center, bringing smiles and moments of happiness to their world of sorrow and confusion.  Girlie was featured on Live with Regis & Kelly the week of January 21, 2001.

In addition to all of her "community service", Girlie has earned some pretty impressive titles such as; AX (Agility Excellent), AXJ (Agility Excellent Jumpers), CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and TDI (Therapy Dogs International).

Although Girlie was born as a result of Merle-to-Merle breeding and has excessive white markings, she appears to have no visual/hearing impairments.  We would like to thank Jean for allowing us to share Girlie's excellent qualities and achievements with other Aussie lovers everywhere.

ADOPTED 09/14/02

Wonder is an 8-month-old who is blind and deaf.  He was adopted, but returned because the other dogs were picking on him.  He is now in foster in Kanab, UT and still in need of a loving, forever home.  Wonder would benefit greatly by living with another friendly dog that will help him learn the ropes.  His foster mom says he is a "velcro" dog that loves to hang out with his human family.  Please help Wonder find his new home!!!  If you are interested in giving Wonder a second chance, please contact Diane at diane@bestfriends.org for more information.

Hello Cyndi,
Wonder is off this morning on an airplane to his new home in Washington state with other dogs who have similar handicaps.    He is a truly great dog and I am glad he did not live with me much longer or I would have had to keep him; he will get more attention, from people and from other dogs, where he is going, but I surely did become attached to him.
I think he is much smarter than average and if he were not dealing with his hardly recognized disabilities would run the household, be the leader of the entire pack, just from pure presence. After just a few days he learned to tell when my car pulled up and was waiting for me with his paws on the gate and a big eager happy kiss.  He would go in and out the door with my other, older, dogs and knew which one would be willing to play a while and which one would not.  I would give him a red kong, stuffed with peanut butter, when I went off to work and  he could occupy himself with that for quite a while; he came to know that peanut butter smell and knew it was time for him go outside and get into his house to get his kong, and, he did just that in the mornings when I left.  He is a great boy and I am so glad he got a good home. 
Thank you so much for all your help and blessing to all those dogs out there who are like Wonder.

We've received a wonderful thank you letter for a successful adoption that we would love to share with you.  Hopefully, more will be posted soon.  Please click on the "thank you" link to read it.

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