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Here's a great story about 3 Lethal White Aussies living with one great family, Lorraine and Dave Ayres.   SAGE is almost totally blind and has partial hearing, SEDONA is both deaf and blind, and HOPE is completely deaf and slightly vision impaired.

It all started with Sage, she is our S.A.G.E. (Save Aussies Get Educated) ambassador...and she is really special. She joined the Ayres family in June, 2001. (click on banner to see her story).

Sedona, another wonderful lethal, was adopted in December, 2001.  Dave and Lorraine are wonderful parents to these 2 girls, along with Corey, Molly, Josie and Zack.  We do have pictures of everyone...on different pages of our site, but Sage and Sedona are pretty special and are just amazing.  They recently (June, 2003) added Hope to their family, so there's some great pics of her too!

Phoenix came to visit and we had a Lethal White "get together" and this is what is was like:   Phoenix meets Sage, Toes, Hope, Lyla & Marco


Enjoy some pics of these talented girls, along with some other friends.  Just click on their individual pages!

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