This is Sage's story.  She was adopted in June of 2001 and has become our ambassador to help spread the word about the dangers of Merle-to-Merle breeding in hopes of preventing more like her from being born.

Hi, my name is Sage.  I am 6 to 9 month old female Blue Merle Australian Shepherd.  I ended up at the pound because my owner no longer wanted me, she said I needed too much attention.  I cannot tell you where I came from or what my life has been like all of these months because no one cared to share that information on a dog that was destined to die!

I exist because a human, unintentionally or deliberately, allowed a Merle-to-Merle breeding.  I am considered a "Lethal White"  or "White Aussie" and I am not alone!  There are many others just like me, everywhere.  Most of the others, you will never see since they have already been put to death at pounds in every state because they were deemed "unadoptable" after being dropped off by owners who soon realized that those "pretty blue eyes" could never look back.  I too was given that label and scheduled to die.  Fortunately for me, someone thought I was worth saving.  I am safe for now!

My adoption will not be easy.  I am severely vision and hearing impaired.  I will require patience, special training and extra medical attention, not to mention a home familiar with Aussie traits.  No, this will not be an easy adoption.  Everyone has a purpose and since I am here, I would like to help educate you so that others like me will NEVER be born.  But I cannot do this alone.  I need YOUR help!

My story goes beyond the serious problem of pet overpopulation.  There are so many wonderful, normal puppies being born without finding someone to love them.  They too will eventually end up alone with no one to care as they take their last breath on a cold slab of concrete.  I know that my chances of finding someone to take care of all my needs are not good.  I am not considered a "normal" dog.

The breeding of Australian Shepherds is a complex process and when done without thought or knowledge can produce tragic results...such as me.  Please spay and neuter...it's the humane thing to do.

I will provide valuable links to help you understand the dangers of Merle-to-Merle breeding, but I cannot make you visit those links.  You must do that on your own.  You alone are responsible for your own education.  I also realize that my story will not reach the number of people needed to make a difference. 

This is where I need your help.  Join in our Lethal White Awareness Campaign.  Information sheets are available (click on above link) for distribution to help spread the word.  Please help in any way you can.

I've been adopted, please visit me on the Adoptions page.  Check out Sage now...she's gorgeous!

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Thank you!

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