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reunion Aussielads Aussie Rescue Adoption Reunion

Sunday, March 11, 2001

We held a reunion for all of our wonderful adopted Aussies and their families, including other canine members.  Pictures from this event will are posted below for all to enjoy!

Our "Adoption Reunion" was a great success!...THANKS to everyone who attended.  Also, thank you to everyone who pitched in to help set up (and take down), take care of our doggies and fill in where needed...we couldn't have done it alone!  We had some great raffle prizes, thanks to all who donated... without your generosity, this would not have been possible.  Listed below are some of the pictures that we were able to capture during this event.  Enjoy!

Sherie & Bill Gibson brought this great cake, featuring M-IT (made at Fry's in Scottsdale)...it was awesome!

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Below are some of the great Aussies that attended:

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cochise dimmer dave.jpg (51292 bytes)    cochise jessie can.jpg (36138 bytes)    cochise m-it.jpg (54188 bytes)    debbie aiko.jpg (36468 bytes)

dimmer jimmie.jpg (44180 bytes)    dimmer m-it sherie.jpg (57857 bytes)    Elizabeth jimmie.jpg (33600 bytes)    fiona & girls.jpg (45376 bytes)

fiona girls jimmie.jpg (50893 bytes)    kandoo mary.jpg (43706 bytes)    mary dave tillie.jpg (37956 bytes)    me dave kandoo dimmer.jpg (55912 bytes)

me dave kandoo dimmer1.jpg (53053 bytes)    mi-it aiko cohise.jpg (41809 bytes)    ran ron intro.jpg (42310 bytes)    ron aj chancie.jpg (28046 bytes)

ron aj chancie1.jpg (44890 bytes)    ron ran aj chancie.jpg (44874 bytes)    sara naomi.jpg (39748 bytes)    sherie & cal.jpg (54662 bytes)

sherie m-it.jpg (34486 bytes)    smokey, ethel cal sherie .jpg (56065 bytes)    smokey.jpg (32834 bytes)    tillie kandoo.jpg (57046 bytes)

tillie re.jpg (40827 bytes)    dave.jpg (20924 bytes)  reunion.jpg (38607 bytes)  reunion1.jpg (47784 bytes)  reunion2.jpg (52796 bytes)  reunion3.jpg (51970 bytes)  reunion5.jpg (65924 bytes)  reunion6.jpg (49080 bytes)  reunion7.jpg (50317 bytes)

We hope you've enjoyed the pictures as much as we enjoyed the reunion.  It was wonderful seeing all the adopted Aussies that could attend and we thought about the ones that couldn't make it...or one reason or another.  We did have photos displayed of all the dogs that have passed through our lives...even the ones that are no longer with us!...it was for all of them.

We had a lot of great raffle prizes, donated by the Aussie families and we would like to thank them all for their generosity.  Bill and Sherie brought that wonderful cake with M-It's picture on it.  They bought a lot of raffle tickets and each time they won, they donated their prize to Debbie DiCicco, the Shelter Manager of the AAWL (who was so gracious to attend) so that all the doggies at the shelter could enjoy the toys and treats.  Sherie (along with Aunt Ethel) also worked long hours making great "take home" treats so that each dog attending the reunion could go home with something.  (Bill graciously donated all of Sherie's "leftovers" to the Welfare League).

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