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This is Payton and he is part of our "extended" family.  He is a beautiful Vizsla who looks as though he has a lot of potential to be a champion.  We're very proud of him, and of Lonnie and Jen (his proud parents). 

Payton's Visit for the weekend...Day 1

Naomi & Sara  Holiday Wishes from the entire family!  To read their story, click here.

These are Jan's dogs.  She recently added Phoenix (a Lethal White Aussie) to her crew.  As you can see, they must have gotten lots of candy at Halloween.


Meet Boomer, our friend Tina's newest addition (saved from Maricopa County Pound)


Some other members of her crew





The crew getting a treat

Sedona enjoying the outdoors


Kira holding Echo

A lucky Lethal who found a loving home



click here to read Taylor's story

Stevie, a lethal who was saved by a very loving family

Crowbar (with friend Creshendo)


Casey, rescued from AHS


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