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buddy peanut.jpg (40883 bytes)    

Buddy & Peanut enjoying a little sunshine in Pittsburgh, PA

These "friends" are members of a loving family that was looking for another Aussie to love and a companion for their main resident, Shadow.  Much to our disappointment, we didn't have an Aussie available, but wished them luck in their search...and guess what?  They found exactly what they were looking for...and she is a beauty.  We'd like to introduce Jessie, who is doing a great job of keeping Shadow quite busy.  Jessie, you are one lucky little girl.  Stephanie & Mike...thank you so much for sharing your joy with us...it means a lot.

Meet Shadow & Jessie

Jessie alone 1st day (2).jpg (30079 bytes)    6-01 reunion 9-01 Jessie pics0022 (2).jpg (28306 bytes)

Pictured below are some great dogs that belong to Carol from Kansas.  She generously donated her singing/song writing talents to help us "get the word" out about Lethal Whites.

murphy brown.jpg (41378 bytes) 

Murphy Brown & Yosemite Sam  

ruby.jpg (40651 bytes) Ruby Tuesday  sam.jpg (35048 bytes)  Sam

ruby1.jpg (29958 bytes) Ruby "senior"  sam the man.jpg (36383 bytes) Sam the Man silly sam.jpg (37179 bytes) Silly Sam

Gizmo I 7-15-01.jpg (35988 bytes)  Meet Guillermo (better known as Gizmo or Gizzie)...new friend and traveling companion of Susan & John

Meet Maynard...our "Honorary Aussie"

maynard1.jpg (55153 bytes)

Hi, I'm Maynard and I live with Ranne & Ron (one of aussielads' foster homes...what were they thinking?).  Word is someone made me an Honorary Aussie...big deal.  I've lived in this great yard for 4 years and lately I've been subjected to some wild, barking dogs they call Aussies...whatever they are.  All I know is now I have to share my wide, open space with some yapping, crazy dogs.  Okay, so they're not all that bad and it is fun to see them run away when I grunt and squeal like someone's trying to have bacon for breakfast.  I guess I do humbly thank you for this honor...since I have to put up with them anyhow.  Just a thought, but what's wrong with chicken and eggs for breakfast?

mitch sara.jpg (38608 bytes)    Boots & Sara    mitch school.jpg (37501 bytes)    Boots at school with the kids  

  mitch bean bag.jpg (40121 bytes)   Boots relaxing on the bean bag chair

Here are some pictures of Satch and Ellie.  Satch is a 1 year old lab mix.  She was taken care of by Rocky during her last year of life and has now made a new friend, Ellie (she was adopted from a shelter), whom she can take care of.  Satch has learned a great deal from Rocky, rest her soul.

Satch.jpg (42291 bytes)    Satch standing.jpg (44220 bytes)    Satch

Ellie.jpg (33775 bytes)    Ellie1.jpg (32359 bytes)    Ellie couch.jpg (31626 bytes)  Ellie new.jpg (33755 bytes)  Ellie

ellie.jpg (36826 bytes)    satch.jpg (28914 bytes)    satch_ellie.jpg (38404 bytes)

satch_punk.jpg (37153 bytes)  

Here's one of Satch as a punk rocker

(photo by Tony Johnson)

Looks like Satch and Ellie have a new sister.  This is Sarah, she was rescued from a pound just in time for Mother's Day.  She is sweet and wonderful, and fits right in.

sarah5_sm (2).jpg (38989 bytes)  sarah4_sm (2).jpg (35848 bytes)  sarah (2).jpg (33598 bytes)  ellie_sarah (2).jpg (33747 bytes)  sarah_bus (2).jpg (36790 bytes)  sarah_bus2 (2).jpg (36305 bytes)

Here are some pics of Pokey and Rocky.  Both have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.

pokey1.jpg (44128 bytes)    pokey2.jpg (38525 bytes)    pokey3.jpg (23092 bytes)    rocky1.jpg (28300 bytes)    rocky3.jpg (63136 bytes)


COREY.jpg (27343 bytes)

Corey is a sweet (and spoiled) Lethal White who is helping Sage learn the ropes in her new home.  Some more pics with other family members, Josie & Molly

sage friends.jpg (42069 bytes)  sage friends1.jpg (40894 bytes)  sage friends2.jpg (35985 bytes)  sage pool.jpg (40755 bytes)

Meet Dixie Belle, she is the new member of the family that lost Daisy.  Daisy will always be missed, but Dixie is helping with some of that pain...life does go on...

Dixie Belle.jpg (53476 bytes)    

Introducing Smokey & M-IT (in that order).  These gorgeous boys belong to Bill & Sherie (a Foster Home).  They get lots of loving and special attention.

SMOKEM~3.JPG (33181 bytes)    smokey.jpg (22436 bytes)    m-it.jpg (17775 bytes)

Blue fostered with the aussielads

blue close.jpg (39295 bytes)  blue dimmer.jpg (48875 bytes)    dogpile.jpg (46811 bytes)    dimmer blue.jpg (42325 bytes)    blue close.jpg (39295 bytes)    blue floor.jpg (40247 bytes)    storm blue.jpg (41820 bytes)    blue close1.jpg (42743 bytes)    blue floor1.jpg (41784 bytes)    blue floor2.jpg (41696 bytes)    taking break.jpg (38868 bytes)

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