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The Mutt Show 2002

held by AAWL

As usual, we attended the great Mutt Show held by the Arizona Animal Welfare League...such a fun event!!!  Also attending this year were several of "our" Aussies...the ones that found great new loving homes.  With camera in hand, we took some pics that we'd like to share with you.  As a special treat, Dolci (a beautiful Lethal White who is both deaf and blind) entered into the "trickiest dog" contest...and won 2nd prize (something not usually given, but she was so outstanding, they made an exception...thank you Judges!).

Please click on each picture for enlargement.

This is Quinn and her canine sister Sky

Here's Dolci and Sedona having some fun before the contest

Dolci on stage doing her tricks for the "trickiest mutt" contest.  Dolci is both blind and deaf...all tricks were done by touch...isn't she amazing?  A special thanks to Dolci's "parents" for all their hard work and efforts.  GREAT JOB!!!

  Dolci's Article

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