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Adopted 1/22/06

3/11/06 Life is good for Mojo and he enjoys keeping his new family quite busy!  He still enjoys talking and always has a lot to say :-)  Here are a few new pics to enjoy (more to come).

On Sunday, 1/22/06, Dave and I took a 2 hour trip to Tucson in hopes that Mojo was meeting his forever family.  Although they sounded perfect, we knew that we couldn't be sure until everyone had a chance to meet.  Mojo is such a angel, but he does have a little "devil" in him. :-)  During the 2 1/2 months he has lived with us he had become part of our family.  Although in our hearts we knew that he deserved and needed a more active family...and less dogs, we were prepared to bring him home if we had the slightest concern about his happiness.

Needless to say, there was not one concern...with his humans or canine sister.  Angel and Morena, along with Sedona met us in the driveway upon our arrival.  After a few minutes of checking each other out, Mojo and Sedona hit the backyard for some serious getting acquainted.  For those of you who have looked at Mojo pictures, you already know how much he LOVES water.  A small section of standing water and an uprooted tree was all he needed to put his best foot forward...showing everyone what he loved to do.  I'll let the following pics tell the story, but please know that Mojo was freshly bathed when he arrived, as was Sedona.

After all of this, it was time to meet Victoria.  We had no idea how Mojo was with children, but we were about to find out.  When Victoria came home and walked through that gate, Mojo jumped up to give her a big kiss.  We were concerned because he was a total mud ball, but Victoria just said, "Hi Mojo" and gave him a kiss right back.  When concerned how muddy her shirt was, her response was that it can be washed!  We knew at that moment...a better home he could not have!

As with any adoption, we pray... wait it out to make sure that everything is going okay.  Today, I received an email update on Mojo that I would like to share...it says it all!

Hello!  I just wanted to give you a brief lowdown on how Mojo is doing:

He seems to be adjusting marvelously wellÖHe has such a sweet disposition, we canít help but ooh and aah over him, much to Sedonaís aggravation.  She likes him, too; she just likes to pretend when her owners are around, thatís when they start ďarguingĒ.  Iím convinced they get along well, itís just that jealous rears its ugly head!!  They canít stand being separated, when one goes outside the other wanders aimlessly until he/she finds the other and they do their little prancey dancey for awhile.  They canít sleep far from each other either; more times than not, they have to touch each otherís paw, their tail, their backs, etc.  They are so adorable, like a pair of bookends with their compatible personalities!!

We canít thank you enough for such a wonderful, wonderful dog!!  The two of them together is so amusing, itís better than any tv show, and they keep us laughing all night long with their crazy antics.  I love Mojoís gentle nature yet rambunctious actions; something about the sweet way he lays his head on you when heís begging for forgiveness, you just canít stay mad for longÖ

Anytime you would like to call/email/stop by, you are more than welcome!  We have you to thank for bringing so much love and affection into our lives!!

Morena, Angel, Victoria, Sedona & Mojo

Please check back for new pictures and updated!


One Dog's Journey...A Katrina Survivor!

11/06/05 Meet Mojo, (definition: ability to bounce back from a debilitating trauma) a beautiful deaf and vision impaired neutered Merle (not sure if he's Blue or Red) Lethal mix who was lucky enough to be on the flight from New Orleans to Tara's Babies Buddhist Animal Rescue in Sedona, AZ.  Mojo was also lucky enough to find a wonderful foster family, but their dogs didn't exactly agree about the new addition.  We were contacted by his foster Mom, and sent out a plea for help...but to no avail.  Dave and I decided that we would take a chance and see how he worked out with our crew.

Mojo is current on all vaccinations, including Bordatella.  He is microchipped, tested negative for heartworm and will complete his hookworm treatment next week (he has an appointment scheduled for 11/22).  He is an absolute sweetheart and loves everyone.  Mojo will not be available for adoption until 1/1/06, giving his family a chance to reclaim him.  He is listed on the petfinder site with all the displaced Katrina animals.

I will update this page during the course of his stay here.  Please remember that Mojo is not for the faint of heart and he is certainly no couch potato.  He will need an active home that is willing to provide the necessary exercise needed.  He would benefit immensely from a basic obedience class (both for bonding and direction) and has the potential to do something active like agility or fly ball.  He will not be placed in a home with small children and he will need to go to a home with another friendly, energetic dog who likes to play rough!

12/03/05 UPDATE

It's been nearly a month since Mojo has come to stay with us and I can't begin to tell you the progress he has made (and he's getting better every day).  Mojo is a very loving boy and he hasn't seen a face he won't kiss!  He spends most of his time playing with Zeus and Austin, but Dimmer and Augie get their fair share of playtime too.  Angel, however, wants nothing to do with him :-)  Not unexpected, since the ONLY one she will play with is Zeus!  Mojo and I took a trip to Petsmart on Wednesday and he was such a good boy!  He was busy smelling everything, especially the food and treats!  He walked nicely on a leash and loved meeting new people.

We spent Friday evening watching videos while Mojo and Zeus played (their favorite spot was Dad's lap)...then everyone settled in for a quiet evening.  Mojo enjoyed spending his time sleeping in my lap (yes, he loves being a lap dog) and had no problem stealing my chair when I got up.  Dave and I decided that we would see how Mojo would do spending the night out of his crate.  He was a little confused and restless, first laying in bed with us, then sleeping on the bathroom floor and eventually going into his crate.  Since Austin decided to spend the night in Mojo's crate, he had no problem sharing his space.  When I woke up in the middle of the night looking for Mojo...and finding him in the crate with Austin...I knew it was a "Kodak Moment", so I got the camera and took a few pics.

Too see the new batch of pictures, click HERE!

11/10/05 A few things we learned living with Mojo

First let me say that Mojo is an exceptional little boy, who still has a hint of puppy breath, as well as puppy attention span.  Our guess is that he is only about 6 or 7 months old.  We will have a more accurate estimate after his Vet visit in about 2 weeks.

Mojo is crate trained, sleeping in his crate at night (all night long), thanks to his previous foster Mom & Dad's efforts.  We are working on crate training while we are home, but he's not real crazy about that.  However, he is great being crated when you leave the house.  Mojo is so typical puppy and thinks that everything he finds should be chewed on :-)  But signing him NO or replacing those items with an appropriate toy works just fine.  He has lots of energy and LOVES playing with our other dogs.  His FAVORITE thing is water!  He is most happy when playing in a bucket (or puddle) of water.  We now have the inside water bowl elevated since he thinks he must dig all the water out.  To keep him happy, we filled a huge plastic water bucket outside for him to dig/jump in.

Although Mojo is deaf and his vision is somewhat impaired, he appears to see just fine.  We are currently working on his manners while incorporating some simple obedience commands, such as sit, wait, stay and come and rewarding those behaviors with "good boy" and "okay".

After playtime, he is content just laying around and hanging out with us in the computer room or watching TV.  He will make some family a GREAT addition.  He is a typical Aussie, always thinking and trying to figure things out.

In an update to Janet (previous foster Mom) we included some things that we thought Mojo will need to understand before he goes to his forever home (and Dave (my hubby) added a few of his own).  We would like to share those with you.  While humor was the intent, reality was the basis of this list.  Please note that he has improved on many of the items listed, but not completely "cured". :-)

Cyndi's "NOT's"

*I am NOT initiating a game of tug-of-war when I get the mop to clean up the floor of all the water you dug out of the water bowl.
*I would prefer if your head was NOT inside the toilet bowl when I go to sit down.
*I do NOT need help getting the clothes out of the dryer.
*Please do NOT eat my socks while my feet are still in them.
*I do NOT think that both your head and my body will fit into the same pair of jeans.
*I already know how to tie my shoes...you do NOT need to help me practice by untying one shoe while I'm working on the other.

Dave's "NOT's"

*Do NOT eat my shoes while I am in OR out of them.
*Do NOT eat my chair whether I am in OR out of it.
*Do NOT eat my shorts (especially if I'm still in them).
*I do NOT need help in the kitchen-Zeus has that covered.
*Do NOT crawl into the dishwasher to pre-clean the dishes.

Please visit our new page "MOJO PICS" to see more pictures of Mojo!

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