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5/1/97 - 5/8/08

A special THANKS to Best Friends Animal Hospital for taking such good care of Midi!  Please click on their website link to learn more about the personal interest, love and care that an intimate private practice can provide.  Dr. Brady (and staff) has been caring for our babies longer than I can remember and I can't imagine anyone else looking after our crew!

ADOPTED 3-20-08

5-08-08 Update: With much sadness, Dave and I let Midi cross the Rainbow Bridge this morning.  Dr. Brady from Best Friends Animal Hospital called early and we spoke for quite some time.  She explained what Midi was up against, should the mass rupture.  At 11 years old and her weaken condition, we chose to do what was best for her.  Although it was Dr. Brady's day off, she was there to help us through this difficult time and we were able to let Midi go pain free and with much dignity. which is what she deserved.  Midi came to us for a reason and even though we couldn't "fix" her, she was much loved and kept as comfortable as possible.  We are truly grateful for the time we had with her.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.  I know in my heart that we were meant to be with Midi for time she had left.

When Midi passed with the gentle, caring help of Dr. Brady (she was given a sedative first), she gently wrapped Midi in the blanket and helped Dave carry her to our car (GREAT Vet service, don 't you think?).  We took Midi directly to All Pets Great & Small Cremation Service for a private cremation.  She'll be coming back home this afternoon.  We ordered an urn to match Augie's and Kandoo's, Midi will be in great company.

A special thanks to Kat, a wonder Tech at Best Friends, for all the hand-holding and many conversations we've had during Midi's illness.  Couldn't have made it through all of this without her!!!

Midi may you now run freely with your tail held high.

Below are some pictures taken from 3/21 through 5/3.


5-07-08 Update: Midi saw a specialist today and had a ultrasound.  The diagnosis is intestinal mass with GI bleeding.  Her prognosis is not good!  Surgery (at an estimate of $4,224) is a possibility, but there are no guarantees.  Even before surgery could begin, she would have to have a chest X-ray to make sure that no masses are in the chest cavity.  If there are, surgery would not even be an option.  To date, we have spent nearly $1,300 just to get this far...and we cannot afford surgery.  Even if we could, I'm not sure it would be an option I would consider.  At this time, due to loss of blood, she is slightly anemic and her age is certainly a factor.  We asked if we could let her live out her life comfortably with antibiotics and pain medication, but we were informed that she is basically a time bomb waiting to explode! (the mass would most likely rupture in the very near future) ...a painful option.

5-04-08 Update: SO much has happened since our last update only 4 days ago!  On Thursday, May 1st (Midi's 11th Birthday) things were not looking good.  She still had bloody diarrhea and didn't seem interested in anything, especially food, but she managed to eat some.  By evening, things weren't looking any better and I was really worried.  I called Alice (Aussie Rescue in AZ) and asked her to come over and help me through the night...I was sure that we were going to lose Midi!  Alice and I spent the entire night watching over her.  We would leash her and take her potty because she was too lethargic to go on her own and her breathing was quite labored.  We took turns giving her loving and somehow managed to make it through the putrid smell of blood which filled the room.  After many trips outside and lots of loving, we went to sleep at 5:30 a.m. expecting Midi NOT to be joining us in the next few hours when we would awake to the normal chaos of hungry dogs :-)  We were on death watch!!!

Surprisingly, Midi was still with us a few hours later.  Alice went home and I took a short nap.  I checked on Midi around 2 and found her doggie bed filled with bloody poop.  I checked outside and it was not a pretty sight.  I put a call into Dr. Brady and although she had not seen Midi in a lethargic state, she trusted my judgment on any decision I was about to make.  That afternoon, Dave and I discussed the possibility of having to let Midi go...we had tried everything and nothing had worked.

That afternoon, as if Midi could hear and comprehend our discussion, she suddenly perked up and followed me around the kitchen begging for food. :-)  Well, now we were really confused!!!  How could I end a life of someone interested enough to follow me around and beg for something to eat?  I couldn't!  We decided to wait until morning and see how she was doing.  Although I washed 2 dog beds, several sheets filled with blood, she was out and interested.  I called Dr. Brady and she was seen before 8:30 a.m.  Although her rectal exam was quite trying (for those of us who could smell), she seemed alert and interested.  Dr. Brady did an inhouse cbc because her gums were paler since her previous visit.  The bloodwork concluded that although she is reproducing her blood cells, it is not adequate to the amount of blood that she is losing.  The good news is that her blood is clotting!

Back home she came and the very first thing on our agenda was a bath for Midi (wet dog pics above).  That seemed to revive her some and really helped with the smell :-)

We once again began the amoxicillin and Metronidazole, along with the Tramadol for pain.  She is being fed mashed sweet potatoes mixed with pumpkin, canned chicken and chicken soup, along with a handful of kibble.  Her appetite is wonderful and for the very first time, she has had a solid (slightly orange (pumpkin/sweet potato) and some red (a little blood) as well as clumps of hair) stool.

We are very hopeful (and praying) for an answer to her situation.  We will know more on Wednesday when we see the specialist.  I believe that between all your prayers and the all night Vigil that Alice and I held on Thursday had something to do with the good results we are seeing today.  Please don't stop those prayers...she still  has a long way to go.

4-30-08 Update: Midi had not eaten for 2 days and was very lethargic (I actually thought we were going to lose her last night).  I spent most of the night with her and this morning she was still not interested in eating or drinking.  Dr. Brady did a thorough exam, including a rectal which produced very dark blood.  An X-ray did not pinpoint any major problem, so we have an appointment for her with a specialist on Wednesday, May 7th.  Dr. Brady's exam indicated a good amount of pain in her upper abdomen, so at this point we do have her on the pain medication Tramadol.  Also, during the exam, Dr. Brady was able to hand feed Midi a can of a/d.  We purchased a weeks supply to ensure she consumes food until her visit with the specialist...she ate an entire can for dinner tonight.

Please keep Midi in your prayers as she is a special girl who deserves a chance at life, especially one that is pain free!!!

4-23-08 Update:  Just to let you know that we are still working on Midi's intestinal problem.  The Panacure did not help, nor did the Sulfur meds we used.  Midi is now on Tylan and although her stools are not normal, they are slightly formed...this is the most positive result we have had.  She continues to shed blood as well as a lot of hair.  We had a choice to do a colonoscopy, but we're not comfortable with putting her under.  She seems happy and has spent more time out in the computer room and kitchen than in her safe haven...the closet!

To date, we have spent nearly $500 on getting Midi better (and we're still not done)...but she is worth it.  Our intentions when adopting her were simply to give her a place where she could be loved and grow old with people and dogs who loved her!

We have no idea how she could have accumulated so much hair in her system to have caused so much inflammation (and pain), but we will continue to work on getting her better.

4-07-08 Update:  Our hopes of a quick full recovery were crushed this morning when Midi again had bloody diarrhea.  A call to our Vet's office resulted in a 3 day dose of Panacure (in addition to her other medication) and back to a rice, chicken and broth diet.  We should be able to tell if this medication helps within 5 days.  Regardless of the results, Midi will be getting a full panel blood work some time next week.

Please keep Midi in your prayers so that she can live her remaining years pain free and comfortable... and very much loved.

thanks, cyn & dave...and Midi too!

4-06-08 Update:  Since we adopted Midi on 3-20-08, she has had some medical problems.  Midi's stool was full of blood and had scabbing on her back.  After applying bag balm to moisture her back, the removed scabbing revealed a sebaceous cyst, which was expressed during her vet exam (we also found another one on the back of her neck).  We have worked for 2 weeks to relieve her bloody stool at first using Metronidazole as well as amoxicillin to solve the problem.  This was not working to our satisfaction, so we made another trip to our vet's office.  Fully knowing the risks of using a sulfur based drug, we decided to switch her medication to Sulfasalizine and place her on a low residue diet.  We began with rice, chicken and broth, eventually eliminating the chicken and rice.  Today is the first day that she had a normal stool WITHOUT blood.

Midi is on the road to recovery, hanging out with us in the yard and NOT growling at the rest of the crew.

We are so pleased with her progress and will keep you updated!

3-24-08 Update:  Midi (Midnight) came to stay with us on 3-20-08 (the same date we lost Kandoo 3 years ago).  Midi will be 11 years old on May 1st and she is a sweet old girl.  She does have some issues with food and individual attention with the rest of our crew, but we are working on that :-)  She is most secure in our computer room closet where she spends most of her time.  A small hotel suite complete with a plush bed and small personal fan (as well as doggie toys that she's not sure what to do with)

We're giving her lots of time and space to become comfortable being one of the aussie lads/lasses.  She will be vet checked this week and we'll report back!

3/27/08 update:  Midi's Vet check went fine!  Other than a little arthritis in her legs and "old dog eyes", she seems to be in good health.  However, for the past 2 days, we noticed some blood in her stool.  We will have a fecal done tomorrow and report back.

3/29/08 update:  Midi's fecal check was negative, but contained a large amount of blood. :-)  She is being treated with Metronidazole for diarrhea as well as the antibiotic Amoxicillin.  She will be rechecked when meds are finished.  As time passes, she is coming out and hanging out with us and the crew, although her tail still looks as if it's glued to her leg...except when we come home and she can't help but wagged it at half mask from side to side.  We're still working on the tail issue :-)  Check back for updates!

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