The Lawrence Kids

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from the Lawrence Kids (3 of the Mesa 4)

More pics to come after the holidays!

Our 3rd Birthday!

Here are a few pictures of Dakota, Cheyenne and Cocoa enjoying their 3rd Birthday party and cake!!!  It seems Cheyenne couldn't wait for Mom to cut it :-)

Scooter 12/4/89 - 9/18/06


It is with great personal sadness that I post the passing of a wonderful, adorable little girl, Scooter whom I fell madly in love with at first sight.  Although she was small in size (Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Mini), she had the heart and feisty attitude of a giant!  She was very lucky to spend her entire life with her Mom Luanna who loved her since she was just a pup.  Her luck continued as she spent her last several years being loved by Dad Mark and canine family Dakota, Cheyenne and Cocoa.  She will be missed by all who had the opportunity to be part of her life, even for a short time.  Scooter, may you now run through the greenest grass as healthy and carefree as you were so many, many years ago.

Below are some of my favorite pictures of Scooter.  To see more, click on the links throughout this page and below her pics.


CA Visit; CA Visit2; Aussie FurBabies Rule

To email Mark & Luanna your condolences, please click on the email links:

Luanna: Ldrenes.1@netzero.net

Mark: truejazz1@netzero.net

We would like to share with you a beautiful quilt that was given to Luanna (by a friend who thinks the world of her) for Mother's Day.

Luanna, Doggie Mom of the Year!

A Mother is the thread which holds our family together

She is the fabric of our beginning, weaving threads of kindness, stitching us together with laughter and understanding

She binds our hearts with fond memories and blankets us with love.

Sometimes there's just that "Kodak moment" that you need to share when all doggies are looking right at the camera!

Kodak Moment!  First snow adventure!

The Lawrence Kids do it again!  Now they're helping out other Lethals-In-Need!

NEW PICS 3/11/06


Three of the Mesa 4 got to celebrate their 2nd Birthday together!  Of course, Magnus was there in spirit!!!  Here are some pics of the great event, which all enjoyed...especially Mark and Luanna.


Information on the talented artist who created this beautiful cake.

Please click on Natalie's name to email her or click on "Owners & Best Friends" to visit their website.  Be sure to let her know that AussieLads sent you.  It won't get you a discount, but it sure would be nice to let her know how much her talents are appreciated!!! 

Natalie (Mom)  (email)

Owners & Best Friends!
 (website link)

Natalie Marquardt is the artist who's specialty is creating your "breed-specific" dog and cat birthday cakes!  "Pick Your Breed" is My Best Friend's exclusive service that we offer for your pup's celebration cake and breed-shaped cookies.  Do you have a special request?  Perhaps your dog is mixed? Or perhaps your "best friend" is a cat?


Send us an email picture, and Natalie will create your dog or cat's birthday cake with his or her picture on top.  There are many pet bakeries that do birthday cakes for pets. But at "My Best Friend"...your specialty pet bakery....we create the unique, all natural treats that you cannot find anywhere else.

10/7/05 - 10/11/05

Mark & Luanna (without the doggies) came for a weekend visit and we all had a great time.  We planned a visit with Magnus (and Chopper) since they were both anxious to meet him.  Natalie (Magnus' Mom) was gracious enough to make time for a very special visit.  Here are a few pics of handsome Magnus.

...and here are some of them loving the aussielads/lass!


I forgot my camera and Luanna's was malfunctioning, so this is all we got from our visit.  We had a great time visiting with Cheryl and the kids (Poppy, Cadel, Maggie & Chloe).  Hopefully, Cheryl will send us some new pics of all her kids soon.

10/03/05 NEW PICS

The kids get a marrow bone!

6/13/05 The most rewarding part of doing rescue is knowing that you found each and every dog the best home possible...for the dog and the family!  Each time I get a new picture or an update of an adopted dog, I experience such joy in knowing that he/she is loved and that our choice of "family" was the right one :-)  Finding the right home for a Lethal is 100 times more rewarding because to us, they are VERY special...and so is the lucky family that adopts them.

A few of these special families have had such wonderful experiences with the new members of their family, and have added that second Lethal to their household.  For us, that's even more rewarding!

Only twice have we had a family adopt 2 littermates at one time.  In 2002, Carol & Dean adopted Jazz & Taz (California Boys) and we still get to see them from time to time.  They have grown to such handsome adults and are loved very much!  In 2004, Mark & Luanna adopted Lance (Dakota) and Booger (Cheyenne) (2 of the Mesa 4) together and my first visit to CA to see them was wonderful.

In January of 2005, Kissin' Kate found herself in need of a new home.  As most of you already know, Mark & Luanna practically insisted that she come live with her sister and brother.  Well, who could resist an offer like that?  Not me!  Especially since I had the pleasure of spending time with the Lawrence family and experiencing what a loving and kind family they are.  So, without hesitation, Mark & Luanna invited Kate to join their family.  It's been so much fun posting the new pics of Cocoa (Kate's new name) enjoying life as part of the Lawrence family.

Thanks to Mark and Luanna's generosity and hospitality, I was able to visit them in California this past weekend.  I cannot express in mere words the overwhelming feeling of joy (and pride) at seeing 3 Lethal White siblings sharing the love of the Lawrence family!  It was such an awesome sight!!!  And of course, seeing my favorite girl, Scooter (who Luanna wouldn't let me bring home in my carry on case), was icing on the cake!  Not to mention getting to see Cinnamon again (sorry no new pics, forgot to take camera) and she's even happier (and more beautiful) than the last time I saw her.

With camera in tow, I was able to capture a glimpse of what I was lucky enough to experience in person, to share with you.  I have to admit that I'm not sure who the lucky ones here are...Mark & Luanna for having these 3 beautiful babies as part of their family...Dakota, Cheyenne & Cocoa for having the best parents in the world...or me, for the opportunity to personally watch it all unfold...and for a friendship that is priceless!

Please visit the provided links on this page to learn more.   But for now, just sit back and enjoy the photo album of the Beautiful Lawrence Kids! (click on the pic)

9/12/05 Check out the  video of the Mesa Four!

Please be sure to visit Cheyenne, Dakota & Cocoa's site (made by Mom)

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