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1/4/06 Update

Hi Cyndi & Dave:
Hope the holidays treated you and yours well and that the menagerie has a wonderful New Year.  Things are good here and Joy continues to be about the most amazing companion a family could ask for.  We've found a new groomer so she gets "beautified" about every 6 weeks (cuts down on the fur-ball tumble weeds!).  We're keeping her weight in the right zone which is more than I can say for me <g>! and except for needing a boost every now and then to get up into the back of the SUV she has as much pep as when we first got her.
Been a while since I've posted pics so I added a few from this past summer here: http://groups.msn.com/JoytheWonderDog/summer2005.msnw
and a few from last week in the snow here:
Take care.

1/2/05 Update:  Please click on Joy's 2004 Xmas to see some really great pictures of Joy and her family who adopted her on October 3, 1998!

Joy (STAAR #2043) was a special part of our family for 3 short months.  During that time she taught us many things, but mostly how to love unconditionally.  She is 4 years old and we had little information about her past, so we took her in, not knowing what to expect.  What we got was a wonderful dog that loved us, no questions asked, but most importantly, trusted us to take care of her and love her in return.  And that was one of the easiest things we've ever done.

The little that we did know about her was that she had been left outside in the unbearable AZ heat.  I can assure you, she had no problem adjusting to air conditioning.  :-)

One day, I received email from a man (Clark) in Seattle Washington saying he was interested in Joy.  Not to worry I thought, he probably didn't realize that Joy was in Arizona.  But you know what, he didn't care.   He and his family, a wonderful wife (Mary) and 2 great boys (Brad and Cam) spent a lot of time researching different breeds, and then different Aussies....their interest in Joy was genuine.

Today, I proudly tell you that on Saturday, October 3, 1998, Joy, accompanied by Clark, boarded an airplane headed to her new home in Seattle Washington.  Of course, that was not accomplished without tears and hugs, and promises to be updated almost daily.   He called when they arrived safely.  They will be sending pictures and updates on Joy, which I will gladly share.   Please be sure to check back to see how happy Joy is in her new home.  In the meantime, enjoy the photos of her during her stay with us.  Click on photos for enlargement.

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The very first meeting between Clark & Joy! 10/3/98

Ok Everyone, here are the pics we're been waiting for!!!   Joy in her new home, with her new family.

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Joy Snow 5.bmp (292354 bytes)  Joy Snow 7.bmp (292354 bytes)

Check on the adoptions page for new pics

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