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Mission Statement

Our Purpose is to rescue and re-home existing Lethal White Australian Shepherds.  Our Mission is to ensure, through support and education, a positive environment and successful life-long union for those adopted.  Our Vision is to prevent, and ultimately eliminate, Merle-to-Merle breeding of Australian Shepherds through continuous efforts to EDUCATE!

                Mesa, Arizona

Pet Food Alert!!!

A while back we decided to put our fur babies on some good quality dog food.  After much research we chose Blue Buffalo, both dry and canned (we just add a tablespoon with their dry).  Shortly after switching to Blue Buffalo, I opened a can of Salmon and it was spoiled.  Realizing that sometimes things go bad, I simply threw the can away.  Not long after that, I opened another can of Salmon and it was grossly spoiled.  Now I figured that was more than a coincidence so I contacted both Blue Buffalo and Goober Pet Direct (I order the food from them) on Sunday, January 3rd.  I did not hear anything back, so the following night, I sent another email threatening to follow-up elsewhere (yes, I was quite upset). On the 5th of January I got an email from Goober Pet Direct apologizing for the "inconvenience" with a promise up of a follow-up after contacting Blue Buffalo.  That same day, I got a call from Linda from Blue Buffalo asking for the pics I took of the can, along with the ID info from the can.  I supplied all of the info and in return was offered some coupons, which I accepted.

On my next order from Goobers, I noticed that the Salmon Dinner was now on sale for a price of $1.27 instead of the normal $2.12...I didn't bite...that time.  On the next order, I decided to order 2 cans of Salmon, figuring Blue Buffalo took care of the problem.  On Sunday, March 7th I opened a can of the Salmon Dinner and it was worse than the last one.  I immediately contacted Linda from Blue Buffalo as well as Goober Pet Direct by email.  I never heard from Blue Buffalo and I had to call Goober Direct the next day to place an order of a different brand of dog food and arrange pick-up of the remaining Blue Buffalo canned food.

I placed an order of Innova at the recommendation of Jessica from Goober on line.  In the "comments" section I stated that I was returning 6 cans along with the bad opened can which I would leave on the patio.  At 7:40 a.m. this morning I received a call from Marlena at Goober's.  Although I was sleeping, I answered the phone and Marlena wanted to know which cans I was returning.  I explained to her that they were outside in a bag and I didn't remember the flavors.  She told me that she needed to know so she could add them to the invoice.  I again said that I didn't remember and they were outside.  She seem perturbed and said she would have her driver give her the info.  She never apologized or even mentioned the incident.  I guess from now on I will be going to Pet Club to pick up their food myself!  I just like to know what happened to customer service.  And as of 3/15/10 Goobers is still selling the Salmon at $1.27 and never heard from neither company!

Here are the photos of what the Salmon Dinner looked like when I opened the cans.

January 3, 2010


March 7, 2010

Is this something you would like to feed your dog?


Business makes losing a beloved animal a little easier

Check out our training video demos available online.  The videos cover working with various impairments as well as "how to" administer eye meds.

Check out the "Questions & Answers" page dealing with blind and/or deaf dog "issues" across the USA!

Check out the article in the Arizona Daily Star about Dolci and Ryder

Ron Medvescek/Arizona Daily Star

Click on each pic to read the newspaper articles in pdf format.  If you need Acrobat Reader, please click on icon for free download

South Carolina newspaper stories about some wonderful, lucky Lethals...Allicks and Gabriel!


  October, 2004 issue of the Lethal Whites across USA newsletter.  Just click on the Aussie icon. 

Check out the great pictures from the Bowl-A-Rama (click on the icon)

You will need Acrobat Reader to view the articles.  If you do not have it, please click on Adobe icon to download your free copy To read an article, please click on the newspaper boy icon .

Chico goes on vacation to Arkansas with foster family and they become celebrities.

Click on above pic for story.

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Some heartwarming rescue stories.  Click on pics for details!

Please click on the Lethal White icon to visit all our Lucky Lethals!

Please stop by and visit the those who were not so lucky!


To see all of our Rainbow Bridge residents, please click on the Rainbow Bridge icon above

Please visit Aussie Eye Defects for detailed information and examples of eye abnormalities

Mail Tribune (Medford, Oregon)


Read about Bert & Ernie in the Mail Tribune (Medford, Oregon), 2 "Lucky Lethals" who found loving homes.  Lorraine Ayres of Aussielads, who has been in constant contact with Bert's Mom, Chris, offering support and advice, was interviewed for this article.  Way to go, Lorraine!

Arizona Republic

Dolci (both blind and deaf) gets a great write up in the AZ Republic after one of the judges (Scott Craven) at the AAWL Mutt Show saw her perform her tricks by touch.  She (her name was Breezy then) came to us many months ago from White Mountain, was fostered by Lorraine & Dave and adopted by Caitlin and Teresa.  Great story!

Lawrence (KS) World Journal

Lethal White singer/songwriter, Carol Dressler's interview about the Lethal White CD


  Our Lethal White Awareness Campaign, known as SAGE (Save Aussies Get Educated) made the news in the East Valley Tribune. 

Lucky us! The Arizona Republic

  Right time, right place!  We just happen to be at the Apache Junction Shelter rescuing an Aussie when a reporter was doing a story on their webpage. 

The Pulse

  Aussielads Aussie Rescue was featured in a special edition of the Pulse, entitled "Team SRP", a weekly publication for SRP (Salt River Project) employees.

Arizona Republic

    An article about Aussie Rescue in Arizona (now known as Aussielads Aussie Rescue)

         Our Tillie has her own sweater available at PetsMart!  We are so proud of Tillie!!!  She was entered in a contest and picked as a winner to model a sweater for Companion Road, available for sale at a PetsMart near you.  Congratulations Tillie...way to go!


Great article Pedi-GREED from the Best Friends Magazine (November/December 2003 issue)


A MUST READ for every Aussie Lover!

The Road to Hell: Epilepsy and the Australian Shepherd
First published in Australian Shepherd Journal, vol 13 issue 4, July/August, 2003

by C. A. Sharp

[IMAGE]We have received many inquiries about the Aussie graphics used on our site (Lethal Whites are now available).  We would like to acknowledge the wonderful work of Deborah & Kelly Burton (Silver Springs, FL).  Please click on the icon above to order yours today.  You can choose from many groups, such as: Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Non-Sporting, Herding and Special Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  Agility, Obedience, Patriotic and Generic sets are also available.

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