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Click on the pictures to enjoy some fun being had all the aussielads...and friends.  Enjoy!

We took Alex when we went to pick up Yahto and he got to meet some new friends.


Yahto is back home...and back in the "swing of things".  It took nearly a week for Stormy and Yahto to become friends again, but with patience, supervision, a little direction (and alot of help from Alex) things are back to normal.  Thanks to John, Monica & Melissa for taking care of Yahto for us.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS...from a few of the aussielads!


Due to reactions to medication for Stormy's allergies, Yahto needed to find a "safe" place to stay until we can get things under control at home.  John, Monica & Melissa graciously agreed to help.  Yahto has been "vacationing at the ranch" and obviously having a ball with all his new friends.  Since Monica knew how difficult it was for us to temporarily "place" Yahto, she sent pics to boost our spirits.  Personally, I don't think Yahto even cares that he's not at home...see for yourself how much fun he's been having (while we're feeling badly and missing him).  Check out more pics of Jake & Maggie.


Maggie & Yahto


Prairie meeting the aussielads

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