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ADOPTED 7/13/04

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9/16/04 New pics of Cinnamon enjoying life with her forever family!

7/17/04 Cinnamon at home :-)


A note from Cinnamon's foster mom, Luanna:

7/17/04 Cyndi, enclosed you will find the donation we spoke about.  Thank you so much for all the care and love you provide to all of the special needs babies that are lucky enough to find their way to your wonderful rescue.  I consider it an honor to be able to contribute to your organization both financially and as a recent foster home.  Mark and I are grateful for the experience and the opportunity to give back to these wonderful creatures that society considers disposable.

Please read Cinnamon's story...it is one that involves abandonment, rescue and how two very wonderful people, who, by opening their hearts and home, made a miraculous difference in a 5-year-old dog who was left to die at a shelter in Riverside, CA

7/9/04 Cinnamon's New Adventure:  Cinnamon is at Sam and Donnaís and I think things will work out fine. Their two dogs are love sponges and although Lotto (Dalmatian mix) was a bit hyper when we got there, she settled down quickly and Oreo (black Cocker Spaniel) just came up and sniffed Cinabuns (no growling at all). After five minutes we took all three off their leashes and Cinnamon started to explore.

We attached a small ceramic device to Cinnamonís collar and in no time at all she had the door down pat and went outside to take a pee pee. Because Sam and Donna are in wheel chairs they have an electronic device that opens and closes the patio door for their doggies. It also has a safety feature that keeps the door from closing on anything if one of the dogs isnít quite through.  The entire sides and back yard is block wall. There are two wooden gates on either side of the front of the house. There are patio stones laid right up under the fencing so there is no gap for the dogs to dig out. They have a foot stool by the couch and by their bed so that Oreo can get up on either as she pleases. The house is nice and they have lots of toys and attention.

I gave them the rest of Cinnamonís meds along with some Lutein for her eyes. She seemed to be OK and after some exploring, laid down on the wood floor and looked around the room. Both of their dogs are very spoiled and I have no doubt that Cinnamon will be taken care of. They have a regular groomer and their vet is married to one of the vetís in the clinic I go to. In fact Dr. Debbie Spencer is the one who did the spay and neuter on Cheyenne and Dakota. I told Sam and Donna that I will copy all of the receipts I have from her treatment and also a copy from the Riverside shelter. I also mentioned that the normal adoption fee was being waived (and why) but that if they wanted to make a donation to Aussielads it would be much appreciated. I also let them know that if for any reason they canít (or donít want to) keep Cinnamon that they just need to call me (as well as any assistance I might be able to offer). They have already watched the video about using hand signals for deaf dogs.

It was so hard to say goodbye even though I believe that this was a good decision for Cinnamon for a lot of reasons. I held her and kissed her and cried and explained that I will always love her. I am not sure how foster parents do this repeatedly Ė it almost tore my heart out leaving her there (sorry, I need a Kleenex). She is such a great dog and I will miss her terribly.

Sam and Donna said that I can come and visit anytime I would like. They also promised to take some digital pictures of the three of them and will email them to me. They are going to spend the next couple of days just hanging out at home to make sure that everyone is getting along and there arenít any problems. 

7/10/04 Morning Report:  Cinnamon is doing fine.  She has the door figured out.  I heard the door open in the middle of the night and got up to check on her.  She had opened the door, went out and went potty, and was letting her self back in.  She is sleeping in the living room.  I sure she will move to the bedroom, once she is more comfortable.

This morning all three dogs were sitting around Donna as Donna ate breakfast.  Donna was sharing her cereal with them (I wanted to take a picture, but Donna threatened me with bodily harm, if I did.).  Cinnamon sat and waited her turn, like it was the normal routine.  I think she likes ďpeople food.Ē

Cinnamon is fitting in great, no problems.  I could tell she missed you, when you left, but we gave her plenty of attention.  Cinnamon is eating dry food and drinking water.  She is a great dog.  Sam

7/4/04 update: Happy fourth to you all! Cinnamon is doing fine. She continues to eat and drink just fine. She still has some nasal congestion and a minor cough but other than that seems like she is definitely improving.  Cinnamon enjoyed the 4th of July, hanging out on the patio watching the fireworks.  Here are a few pics of Cinnamon hanging out with the rest of the gang and getting loving from foster mom!


Visit some of Cinnamon's foster family

even the "best" of us go bad! (click on pics for details)


7/9/04 new pics


7/2/04 update: Great News Everyone!  Cinnamon is HOME!!  We are so excited that we got to bring Cinnamon home this afternoon. She is doing well and should make a speedy recovery. Dr. Talley said that if her cough persists that I should call on Monday and they will take another chest x-ray on Tuesday just to make sure all is well. Other than that, she is taking Clavamox, hydrocodone (cough) & Baytril. I am using K-9 pill pockets to wrap around her medication (she loves them!!) and down the hatch they go. When we got home she ran right out of the doggie door, took a pee and then a really long drink. She came over, gave me kisses and then rolled over to have her tummy rubbed. She is such a great dog.  I just want to know how I am supposed to give her up???

6/30/04 Cinnamon has not been feeling well since she arrived at her foster home (Mark & Luanna) in Rosamond, CA.  She was too ill to make the scheduled transport to AZ...but I believe that everything happens for a reason...and God provides good people like Mark and Luanna who are here to make a difference.  She has seen the vet several times, tested for many things, has been on antibiotics (including an injection) for an upper respiratory infection (kennel cough) and is still not eating on her own.  During this entire time, Cinnamon appeared healthy (other than runny nose and cough), wigglebutt and all.  Her temperature was taken several times daily and always fluctuated between normal and 103.5  She has been "fed" a vet recommended prescription food by syringe because she could not be enticed by the most appetizing concoctions that Luanna could come up with.  All hope was based on the antibiotics doing their "job" and once Cinnamon felt better, she would have an interest in eating.  However, by this morning, that had not happened, so to the vets she went once again.  Below is Luanna's report on that visit.  Please keep all paws crossed, as well as any prayers you can offer, for Cinnamon's speedy recovery.  Mark & Luanna have generously donated all of Cinnamon's vet expenses.  If it were not for people as wonderful as Mark & Luanna, this "story" would not have the chance for the happy ending we are all hoping for.  Without people like YOU, Aussielads would not exist!

Hi Ladies,  Just wanted to update you on what is going on with Cinnamon. Mark took her back to the vet's office this morning because she still wasn't eating. Because of her persistent cough, Dr. Talley took an x-ray and determined that Cinnamon has pneumonia (in one lung).

She is hospitalized and receiving intravenous antibiotics and is in a steam tent. On Friday they will take another x-ray to check her progress and possibly release her (doubtful). Most likely she will stay in the hospital through the weekend.  Dr. Talley said she is in 'critical' but 'stable' condition and resting.  I will call tomorrow morning to check on her progress and also see if I can go by after work and visit her.

I will keep you all updated on Cinnamon's status as the next couple of days go by. Please keep Cinnamon in your prayers.  Luanna

6/21/04 Cinnamon is approximately 5 years old.  She is a deaf Red Merle Lethal White female with a very sweet disposition and a typical Aussie "wigglebutt".  She gets along fine with other dogs and loves to have her belly rubbed.  Cinnamon is spayed and current on vaccinations.

Cinnamon was found wandering aimlessly on a busy street by man who took her to Riverside County Shelter in CA on June 11, 2004.  No one ever came looking for her and she was scheduled to die after the standard waiting period for strays.  We got word of her dilemma, put a hold on her and immediately called upon some of our many wonderful California contacts. We didn't have much time, only one day!  Luckily for us, and her, Mark & Luanna (Cheyenne & Dakota's parents) came to her rescue.  Mark (and son Corey) made the trip from Rosamond to Riverside, waiting at the shelter door when they opened.  They brought her home to stay a few days until she could could "hitch a ride" with the scheduled transport for Orson and Skye.  By the next day, Cinnamon was demonstrating symptoms of the classic upper respirator infection so familiar to shelter dogs.  By that evening, Luanna took her to the Animal Emergency Clinic in Lancaster, CA.  Upon examination, her temperature was 105.3.  She was prescribed antibiotic and rest, which meant Cinnamon was not well enough to make the scheduled transport to AZ.

Mark & Luanna graciously agreed to allow Cinnamon to stay until the following weekend or until such time that a new transport could be arranged.  Cinnamon is approximately 25 lbs. overweight and was drinking quite a bit of water.  To ensure that nothing more than the upper respiratory infection was going on, Luanna took Cinnamon to her own vet where a complete blood panel was run.  The report came back indicating all looked good.  She needed time, rest and lots of love...easily supplied by her foster family.

Each day, Cinnamon continues to improve.  Her temp is now in the normal range and her appetite is slowly increasing.  We feel, at the time, that it is in the best interest of Cinnamon to remain in foster care in California with Mark & Luanna (who readily agreed) until she has completely recovered.

Here are a few pics of Cinnamon "out of jail" and enjoying freedom at Mark & Luanna's.  Her coat is in horrible condition and she will pay a visit to the groomer this week.  Stayed tuned for a new, improved Cinnamon :-)


6/21/04  Cinnamon had a "spa" day and had all her knots and mats (they were down to the skin) removed.  She looks and feels so much better.  When she came home, Dakota and Scooter thought she was a brand new doggie!  Here are a few pics of her new "do":


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