Visit to California 2

Cheyenne Dakota  Cocoa

 Our Visit to California by Cyndi Cunico

5/26/06 On 5/13/06 Dave and I flew into Burbank Ca Airport, greeted by Mark & Luanna.  We planned this visit around Mark's retirement from the Air Force...and what a great ceremony it was.  But, as always, our visit was intended to spend time with the Lawrence Kids, Cheyenne, Dakota, Cocoa and (our favorite) Scooter.  We were NOT disappointed!  Although Scooter is up there in age...and a little senile, she was (and always will be) a pleasure to spend time with.  Dakota and Cheyenne were as gentle as always, but Cocoa certainly kept us on our toes :-)...what a love!

So many pictures to share, we had to make a separate page to view them.  Most of the pics are of the doggies, but we're throwing in a few of the humans, so enjoy! We (Dave and I) were honored to be part of such a wonderful Military Retirement Ceremony...what an awesome experience!  Here are many pics of our visit (usually don't have the opportunity to actually be in the pics)...and below those pics, you can see part of the awesome retirement ceremony shared with Mark's wife Lu, Mom Kay and daughter Jennifer.  Enjoy...I know we did :-)

Mark & Lu's crew, friends and family!



Mark's Military Retirement Ceremony...Congratulations Mark!

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