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 My Visit to California by Cyndi Cunico

11/15/04 On January 31, 2004 Cheyenne (Booger) and Dakota (Lance) were adopted by a wonderful family in Rosamond, CA.  Thanks to both Mark & Luanna, I had an opportunity to spend an entire weekend with them...one I won't soon forget!

Dakota grew to be quite the handsome boy.  He is somewhat reserved with strangers, but being the typical Aussie, soon gave in to my "charm" when he realized that his sister was getting far more attention than he was :-)  Dakota LOVES to play ball...and could do so all day long.  He is one of the most focused Aussies I've ever seen and patiently waits for each throw...only to retrieve and begin again.

Cheyenne loves everyone and enjoys attention.  I nicknamed her "Nosy Rosy" when I was there because she had to inspect everything new, no matter what it was.  She was also very helpful, thinking I needed help drying my hair or reading a book.  It didn't matter what you were doing, Cheyenne was always there to help!  She is absolutely as beautiful as she is sweet and a perfect match for Dakota at play.

Cheyenne and Dakota are both receiving obedience training and will surely graduate with top honors.  They are perfectly matched as siblings and as playmates.  While Cheyenne relies on Dakota's hearing abilities and often follows his lead, Dakota is always close by, making sure his sister is okay.  Of course, the true Alpha of the canine pack happens to be Scooter, the most adorable Mini Aussie I've ever seen.  All that Aussie attitude/personality in a compact body :-)  Scooter is 15 years old now, but if you met her, you would never think so.

While I was in Rosamond, I also got to finally meet Cinnamon...thanks to Donna and Sam for setting aside some time for me to visit.  Cinnamon is beautiful and happy...and she obviously loves Sam and Donna very much.  From the moment Mark picked her up from the Riverside Shelter, her life has been truly blessed.  While Luanna and Mark nursed her back to health and gave her a reason NOT to give up, Sam and Donna waited patiently to meet her.  Cinnamon fit right in, especially with Lotto and Oreo.

And of course, what's a good story without pictures?  For the "original" stories on Dakota, Cheyenne and Cinnamon, please click on the links in their names above.

Beautiful Cheyenne

Handsome Dakota

Cheyenne & Dakota


Family Portrait (trying to get one)

Happy Cinnamon (with Lotto & Oreo)

Hope you enjoyed this visit as much as I did.  And a very special to Mark & Luanna for making it all possible!

Latest pics of the Lawrence Leisure's

Since we always get new great pics of the "Lawrence Leisure's" (believe me, their life is a life of leisure), I decided to dedicate this space for all the great updates & pics.  Here are the latest ones...they just got a new "bigger" bed, so they could all fit.  Not sure how Mark and Luanna fit in there, but the kids sure seem to have enough room :-)

We would like to share with you a beautiful quilt that was given to Luanna (by a friend who thinks the world of her) for Mother's Day.

Luanna, Doggie Mom of the Year!

A Mother is the thread which holds our family together

She is the fabric of our beginning, weaving threads of kindness, stitching us together with laughter and understanding

She binds our hearts with fond memories and blankets us with love.

Latest Lawrence pics of Cheyenne, Dakota, Cocoa (Lethals) and Scooter (Mini Blue Merle Aussie)

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