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ADOPTED 5/31/04

8/4/04 Bounce has a new friend living with him...Fresno!  Enjoy these new pics of Bounce...and Kali.

I know it's hard to believe, but I finally had to let my Bounce go!...and it wasn't easy :-)  (We will miss you, Bounce).  Bounce was adopted to a wonderful home with Will and Amy and will spend his time playing with Kali, a beautiful Aussie/Basenji mix and visit Grandma to go swimming.  Here are a few pics of Bounce's new family.  As you can see, Kali was quite excited (and taken) with Bounce. :-)


5/20/04 Bounce has been learning so many new things.  He now can sit, down and crawl (that's his latest trick).  He will also stay, but not consistently (we're working on it).  Since Bounce has lots of energy and the aussielads are pretty laid back, we thought it might be fun (and a great source to burn off some of his energy) to teach him to swim.  He loves it!  He loves to go into the water to get the ball and bring it back...swims right up to the step, gets out and lays the ball down for me to throw it again.  Here are some cute pics (thanks to Nick) of one of his swimming sessions.


and some pics...just hanging out with "mom"


3/16/04 I've been terrible about updating Bounce's page...maybe it's because I don't seem to be in any hurry to get him adopted :-)  I've made so many excuses, but my partners are beginning to become suspicious!  Bounce is quite unique...he's needy, silly, loving, obnoxious...and so many other wonderful things, I'm not sure I can truly describe him.  I can tell you that he is absolutely lovable...and trying, all at the same time.  We have been working on some obedience with him, and he is doing well.  His main problem is that he is SO eager to please, he gets all excited and ends up acting like a fool. :-)  We taught him sit, down and roll over (for belly rub), but he gets so excited, he does all 3 things so quickly, all you can do is laugh :-)  He's mouthy and sometimes you'll be walking across the room and there's Bounce, grabbing your hand...but he never bites...just mouths.  Every once in a while, you'll be walking across the floor and suddenly feel Bounce (gently) grabbing at your heels.  This boy is silly...there's no other way to describe him.  But you must have a sense of humor to live with him.  He is active...and when bored, will steal things...nothing is sacred.  Tonight, we just watched him walk out of the bathroom with the throw rug in his mouth.  The best part of it all is that he "slinks" while doing it...like no one really sees him.

Bounce will be your best friend, but he will need patience!  He will do great with other dogs, but small children might be a problem (since he does like to jump up on you when excited).  We've been working on ignoring him when he does something inappropriate (like jumping) and he will go away.  But he's really hard to resist when he puts his head in your lap and just looks at you with the most pleading eyes I've ever seen.

Is Bounce perfect?  Probably not, but he makes me laugh ALL the time.  I realize that he will make someone a great companion and my "job" is to find him a better home than I can provide (like individual attention, walks in the park, maybe agility?).  So, it's time to let him go. :-(  (this part is NEVER easy).  He is neutered and up-to-date on shots (and has survived distemper...maybe that's what makes it so difficult to let him go...it was a long haul).


12/28/03 Bounce is having a great time playing with our new foster, Kayte.  Here's a preview, for more pics, please click on Kayte's link.


10/25/03 Bounce was with us at our October Pets911 event.  Here are some new pics for you to enjoy!


For more pictures, visit  our Franciscan Renewal page

10/30/03 Bounce was neutered on 10/27/03 and is doing great :-)  We are currently in the progress of evaluating Bounce's personality and disposition.  Check back for updates.

10/21/03 Just a personal update on Bounce.  Since his arrival, the most difficulty we've had is his ability to eat!  Well, I have to report that tonight, he must be feeling GREAT because he was so excited about dinner, I could barely get it to him quickly enough.  When he first came, we literally had to hand feed him to get him to eat.  Tonight, while I was preparing everyone's bowls (lots of meds for everyone, so it takes a long time), he was running back and forth from his "designated" eating area to the counter where I was preparing the bowls.  When I finally got everything ready, he ran to his spot and was jumping up almost to the ceiling...he was so excited.  I kept telling him to sit (it's that training mode that I always try to enforce) and the more I told him to sit, the higher he jumped.  Finally, he looked at me, barked once, sat for one minute and gave me a look that said, "Ok, I sat, now can I please have my food?".  Well, I couldn't resist that :-)  When I set it down, he tore into it like he hadn't eaten in months.  When done, he patiently waited at the gate for me to pick up the empty bowl and open the gate.  I do believe that Bounce has completely beat distemper!!!  His last amoxicillin tablet is at 11 p.m. tonight and he has about 6 days left on the Baytril.  Please be sure to stop by and meet Bounce at the Pets911 event this weekend.  He will definitely make some lucky family a wonderful companion (he has already won my heart).  By the way, he LOVES belly rubs and truly enjoys meeting new people (we had an air conditioner repairman at the house today that he absolutely fell in love with).  Please give Bounce the chance he so rightly deserve...a family who will love him and make him grow more confident each day.

10/16/03 GREAT NEWS!  Bounce's Qbc panel showed a significant DECREASE in his white cell count (from 35,000 to 20,000) and he is no longer anemic.  We will continue fighting his secondary infection with Baytril (dosage cut in half) and the amoxicillin.  Bounce is scheduled to be neutered on 10/27/03.

Bounce will be available for adoption after his neuter surgery (10/27).  He is an exceptional dog!  Bounce is housebroken (through doggie door...never had one accident in the house), walks nicely on a leash, loves to ride in the car (especially the front seat).  Plays great with other dogs (loves the aussielads) and was only "curious" about the resident cat at our Vet's office.  Bounce is learning to play with toys and seems to favor the tennis balls (he ate the Frisbee).  He does not jump up, but loves to gently climb up in your lap for kisses.  We believe that he was both neglected and beaten, so he's always eager for love and attention.  He is an awesome dog and will make some lucky family proud!

10/11/03 Bounce's Qbc panel showed a major increase in his white cell count from 23,000 to 35,000 (16,000) being normal.  His Baytril dose was increased and amoxicillin was added, along with cough medicine.  The bloodwork also showed that he was anemic and is currently being treated for anemia.  Additional bloodwork will be run again on 10/16.

10/07/03 Bounce's antibiotic treatment for kennel cough didn't seem to be working, so he went in to the Vet's this morning.  Dr. Stickland's tentative diagnosis is distemper.  She did a Qbc panel and it showed a high increase in his white cells, which indicates that he is fighting a bacterial infection.  He has been put on Baytril (antibiotic), along with Theophyline to aid with brochodilation.  We are making sure that he gets plenty of liquids and we're using a hot steam vaporizer to help with his breathing.  Bounce's neuter surgery has been suspended until he is completely healthy.  Obviously, Bounce is NOT available for adoption at this time, but we will keep you posted on his progress.  He is one of the sweetest dogs we have come across in a long time.  Despite his illness, he is very happy and loves getting attention.

9/29/03 Bounce's visit at the Vet's today went well, but he does have a case of kennel cough (and is receiving antibiotic treatment).  He received a booster and rabies shot and is scheduled to be neutered.  He weighs in at 52 lbs. and is a real sweetheart.  Bounce is approximately 1 1/2 years old.  All of his knots have been shaved off (and he feels a lot better) and his hair will grow back in nicely.  He loves attention and enjoys playing with the other dogs.  He is starting to show interest in playing with some toys and really liked the ball.  He can hear just fine, and although he has starburst pupils, causing some very slight vision impairment, he sees just fine.  He would do great in a home (with or without other dogs) who would enjoy doing things with him.  He rides well in a car, but prefers to be sitting up front in the passenger seat (so he can see everything that's going on).  He's still a little stressed in his new environment, so his eating is not up to par, but we are encouraging him to eat by hand feeding him.  He really enjoy his trip to Petsmart after his vet visit and did really well meeting new people and other dogs.  He met a few new friends this weekend, here are some pics.


Meet Bounce!  We got a call from a really great gal, Valerie Vitale, the Foster Care/New Hope Coordinator of Maricopa County's West Side pound.  She took the time to let us know that a Lethal (Blue Merle [very little coloring] Aussie) was on the "E List", but she had pulled him off until she heard from us.  We went to see him on Sunday, 9/28/03.  He was terrified, shaking and anxious, and we knew we could never let him go back into that kennel.  He had no idea what to expect, but we would deal with all of that later.  We took some pics during our "evaluation" time with him at the pound and then when we got him home. 


After about 30 minutes or so at our house, he could sense he was "free" and just bounced around the yard like a young puppy...so Dave named him Bounce.  His fur was extremely matted and we tried to find a Groomer who could help us out, but to no avail (hey, it is Sunday).  Dave and I cut out many knots, not all, but enough without stressing him out too much.  We let him have some play time and then in the shower he went :-).  He did really well for his bath, I think Dave washed him at least 3 times...so much "gunk" was coming out of his fur.  Then he got an Oatmeal rinse and came out smelling a lot better than he went in.

We will get him professional groomed as soon as possible, then he will be neutered and receive his rabies shot.  He is an absolute sweetheart and gets along GREAT with all of the aussielads.  I don't think he has spent much time in the house, but he does know how to use the doggie door.  We will keep you posted, but in the meantime, enjoy some great pictures of Bounce.


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