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Aussielads Fun


Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. -- Anonymous

This page is to share pics of the AussieLads/Lass just having fun at home :-)

5/13/08 Group Treat

Here are a few pics of the lads and lasses being very attention for treats from Daddy!

And this is Zeus in his "crazy dog" mode :-)

3/25/06 Yard Fun

5/29/05 Memorial Day Weekend

Playing horseshoes was nearly impossible because all of the doggies wanted to play too.  Using plastic horseshoes made it possible for everyone to enjoy the game.  Zeus even got to "wear" them at the end of the game :-) Please excuse the "mess" as our side yard is still under construction.


Here we are just hanging out on the patio

After a short rest from horseshoes, Zeus practices his tricks

Down and Crawl

Ring the bell

Stay, Come & Up

5/30/05 Memorial Day

Austin improved immensely at playing horseshoes...he could catch one in mid air!  By the way, I (Cyndi) was purple and you can see the great shot of a 2 point throw!  We all had a great weekend...and hope you did too!

Angel gets a new do!

5-31-05 Angel loves being groomed by Crystal at Aunt Donna's in Mesa because she always gets lots of loving and petting :-)  We've just trimmed her up in the past, but she always seems hot.  Since she is strictly an inside doggie, we thought we would have her shaved down this time.  Well, she not only looks gorgeous, she LOVES her new do!  Here are some pics to enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed your visit, please come back again soon!

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