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11/17/07 Update!  All is well since Bailey has joined us.  We took some pics of all the kids having fun and thought we'd share the joy!

6/4/07 Update!  As many of you know, we've had so much loss these past few months (not all bad though).  Yahto, our wonder swimming dog found his forever home on 3/4/07.  We lost Augie (our original AussieLad and brother to Austin) on 3/9/07.  We celebrated Spanky's 10th birthday on 3/12 and mourned her loss on 4/3.  Kandoo's 2-year death anniversary was on 3/20.  Since then, Dimmer's one "good" eye (could see light and dark) has Uveitis due to a detached retina and can no longer distinguish the difference.  He will receive eye meds several times daily, as well as Valley Fever meds for the rest of his life...he'll be 7 in September.  Also as a result of a routine check-up (something they all got after Augie's death), Angel has been diagnosed with heart disease, which will eventually kill her (she'll be 9 in July).  She is currently on 2 heart medications and 5 supplements...and receives monthly blood level checks.

I know that all of this sounds depressing and would make the average person go insane.  But the truth is, it seems to have brought us "full circle" in our animal world which we reside.  I guess that Augie's death was the starting point, thanks to All Pets Great & Small Crematory.  Their compassion and values made us realize that death need not be final.  The respect and dignity at this final stage is an uplifting experience for those of us that mourn the loss of our beloved pets.  They offer a variety of options which makes your loss less painful.  For some of us, it's just the "knowing" that the ashes you receive are indeed those you love.  We have been so "taken" by their personal service, we volunteer when needed.  Dave usually volunteers to pick up the animals lost from a loving home and I make sure the office is open so families can pick up their remains.

We chose beautiful urns to hold the ashes of Kandoo, Augie and Spanky and placed them in a special place in our home to honor their passing.  When picking up Augie's ashes we came across a flyer for Over the Rainbow Memorials  I had no idea what to expect or even if it made any sense.  I decided to check out their website and when I had a question about ordering, I called.  Linda was extremely helpful and comforting...she explained the entire process.  I ordered a 3" pyramid for Augie and Kandoo not sure what to expect.  Linda was extremely compassionate and kept in constant contact throughout the entire process.  She sent pics of the pyramids, but they did not prepare us for the finished product!  They were STUNNING!!!

When we lost Spanky, I knew I would be placing another order.  Linda suggested a Sun Catcher...and stayed in touch throughout the planning.  Spanky's colors were green and yellow, so together we chose the colors that brought out Spanky's beauty.

We feel as though we have really come "full circle"...beginning with saving Aussies...then saving the hearing/vision impaired...and now helping those who pass do it with dignity and compassion.  We just want you to know that there is "life" after death!  All Pets makes the process easier and Over the Rainbow Memorials gives us an opportunity to remember our loved ones (and smile) simply by watching the rainbow reflection created from the sun.  Enjoy the rainbows and the memory of those you loved!  Please click on the Memorials link below to discover a multitude of choices to honor your loved ones gone before you.  Remembering...and the "tools" you use to do so should be an enjoyable adventure! ...something that makes you smile each time you see a rainbow :-)

Please visit our new page!


6/21/07  Just thought I'd share a life-changing remodeling decision we recently made.  As many of you know, our Dimmer is blind and has been from birth.  When we brought him into our home at 4 months old (he will be 7 in September) and taught him to go to the front door to potty, he would always be curious about when the other kids were going out back (through the doggie door).  Dimmer, being an exceptional, intelligent Aussie followed...and would walk straight into the swimming pool!

We looked at the cost of pool fences and knew that was NOT an option at the time.  So, off to home depot we went and chicken wire fence adorned our backyard for the past 6 years :-(  We even tried to "spruce" it up with flowering vines, but they became more of a chore than a pleasure.  Here are a few pics what we've endured for the safety of Dimmer :-)

Then came the flowering vines!

The vines were eventually removed (what a project that was!) and we were back to the bare chicken wire fencing.  We finally decided that the pool HAD TO GO!!!  It looked as though our only option was to fill it with dirt.  Not entirely sure that we would not move at some point in our life (Dave's now retired), we knew that filling the pool with dirt would detract from the value of our home.  While researching other options, we came across the website Deckover.com  We scheduled an estimate and Jeff Getz, owner of Deckover explained the entire process without any pressure to commit.  Needless to say, it was a solution we couldn't resist!  Here are some pictures of our yard now (still not complete...but the deck is...and we LOVE it...and so do the dogs!)  Just so you know, Jeff Getz built this entire deck by HIMSELF...what a talented and genuinely nice man!!!

p.s.  there's storage underneath to boot!  AND he LOVED the doggies!!!  What more could you ask for?  Visit Deckover.com today to schedule your "life changing" experience while retaining the value of your home.

3/2/07 Yahto finds his forever home right here in Phoenix.  He is in a perfect home with loving parents and a 3-year-old Black Tri Aussie sister, Sara.  They are doing wonderfully.  Stayed tuned for updates and pictures.

5/24/07 Yahto and Sara Updates!!!

11/05/06 Even though Augie's back legs are pretty much useless, Yahto brought out the best in him today...the determination that makes him the great dog that he is.  Click on pic below to see all the pics of Augie in Action!

Yahto gets a haircut!  (click on his pic)

Yahto becoming one of the AussieLads!


10/30/06 Yard & Pool Time

Dimmer joins the fun!

Augie plays (finally) tug-o-war

Pool Time!!!


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8/21/06 The Kids got new beds!

8/30/06 Angel & Zeus get their pics published in the online edition of

Costco Connection - September 2007

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On July 4th, the AussieLads/Lass were on a Channel 3 (KTVK-3TV) news segment aired at 10 p.m.  Karen Scherer of Loving Hands Pet Care was taking care of our "special needs" kids while we were in Pennsylvania attending our son-in-law John's funeral.  Thank you Karen and Channel 3 for doing such a great job!!!

To see the "Caring For Special Needs Pets" video, click HERE


Here are some pics of the boys with their summer haircuts.  This is the first time that we cut Zeus short...he sure does look different...and he loves being a lot cooler :-)  Angel will be having her "spa day" on Friday, so be sure to check back to see how cute she looks!

3/25/06 NEW PICS

Check out the new pics of the AussieLads & Lass

4/28/06 New Pics...everyone sitting for TREAT!

Here are some pics of all 5 of our doggies sitting for treats.  Below these pics is all the hard work/effort and numerous pics just to get these 3 :-)...and of course a few other great pics of our beautiful babies!

AussieLads/Lass pics 4/29/06

Zeus graduates Advanced Obedience class and receives his CGC

Memorial Day Weekend Aussielads play horseshoes!

Zeus does his "Click-A-Tricks"

Angel gets a new do!

   My Kandoo

7/5/00 - 3/20/05

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Kandoo's Tribute

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