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Aussies Play Days


Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. -- Anonymous

This page has been created to highlight some of the great pictures of our Aussies at play (something they ALL love to do).

9/4/04 Our very first group consists of Mo, Angel, Zeus and the AussieLads.  An explanation of the t-shirt (or what once was a t-shirt) pictures is that Nick sent Mo his t-shirt, hoping that he would continue to remember all the great times Mo and Nick shared in Chicago when Nick was fostering him.  Enjoy!

9/8/04 Orson having a great little holiday vacation with the Ayres Gang. 

Orson wasn't the only one having fun, check out Hope, Marco, Molly & Toes!

Check back for more pictures of Aussies at play!

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