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ADOPTED 8/2/04

  At 9 years of age in May of 2007 Angel was diagnosed with Heart Disease (she is now 11).  She was prescribed the normal heart medications. along with 6 supplements, but each checkup the murmur level increased all the way up to 5 (6 being the worst).  In January of 2008 she was prescribed the "miracle" drug Pimobendan  in addition to her other medications and supplements, and her murmur has remained at 5 since then.  We think that qualifies as a miracle drug :-)  A recommendation of good quality food was vital to maintaining her health.   Heart to Heart Pet-a-Rama is sponsoring a 2 mile walk on Sunday, February 14th (Valentines Day) to help research heart disease in animals (the #2 Killer...which I didn't know).  Angel and I are going to walk that walk and we'll let you know how it goes, hopefully with lots of pictures!

Cyndi & Dave Cunico

click pic below to see Cyn and Angel at the Heart to Heart walk!

Many heartfelt thanks to the great people at Salt River Project for their generous donations for Angel and I to walk at this great event!  Also thanks to my friend Kat for the donations she solicited :-)  Our combined efforts enabled us to give a total of $305 to help save lives of others like Angle. It is  my understanding that the total funding raising dollars amounted to $58,700.  GREAT JOB EVERYONE!  Hope we can do even better next year!

I left Dave in charge of taking pics and this is all I got :-)  Guess it's better than nothing!

To see more of the wonderful doggies and their guardians, please visit Camelback Photography...Pete did a great job!

Angel gets a new do!

5-31-05 Angel loves being groomed by Crystal at Aunt Donna's in Mesa because she always gets lots of loving and petting :-)  We've just trimmed her up in the past, but she always seems hot.  Since she is strictly an inside doggie, we thought we would have her shaved down this time.  Well, she not only looks gorgeous, she LOVES her new do!  Here are some pics to enjoy.

For more pics of Angel, please visit the Aussielads Fun Page!

1/20/05 UPDATE:  Although Angel has been listed as adopted since August, she was only officially adopted on New Year's Day, 2005.  Shortly after rescuing her from Apache Junction Animal Control (not her first stay there), some legal issues arose regarding "ownership".  While I hate that term, truth is, that's the reality...animals are property! (hopefully that will change in the future)  After a thorough investigation, it was determined that Aussielads did have legal ownership of Angel and she remained with us in foster care.  For fear of repercussions, we listed Angel as adopted, hoping to deter future harassments, while we helped her become a confident, well adjusted member of society :-)  As time went on, Angel became less fearful of everyday life involving hand signs (she is deaf) and normal household items (mops, brooms...any type of intimidating items).  As her confidence and trust grew, we realized that she was so much a part of our family, that we could never let her go, let alone subject her to the stress of trusting a new family.  Angel is now, and always has been, a very much loved and treasured member of our family, officially making "aussielads" .... AussieLads & Lass!  Please be sure to check back for updates and pictures.

7/21/04  Angel is a Lethal White Blue Merle female approximately 6 years old.  She is deaf and somewhat vision impaired (only due to small pupils).  She ended up at Apache Junction Animal Control and lucky for her, Debbie Zapusek volunteers there :-)  Debbie was determined that nothing bad would happen to this little precious girl.  Angel was brought in as a stray and it is very obvious that she just recently had a litter.  We have no idea what happened to the litter or whether any of them are still alive.  Angel had to spend 72 hours (because she was a "stray") at the shelter before she could be released to us.  We were going to get her tomorrow morning, but since her stray status ended at 4 p.m. today, Debbie was kind enough to take her home, so we could pick her up this evening.  Before leaving the shelter, Debbie bathed Angel, trimmed her nails and made sure she got her booster and rabies shot (donated by Debbie).

Angel is a petite, gentle soul who absolutely LOVES human attention.  Here are a few pics taken at Debbie's when we went to get her.


Angel's first day continued...click here

8/1/04 new pics: Angel enjoyed hanging out, mostly by the fan, watching Ryker and Zeus play!  But don't let her fool you, when Ryker isn't taking all of Zeus' attention, he and Angel have their time together chasing each other and playing with toys.  For great pics of Ryker and Zeus playing, click on their links!


Ryker hanging out with Angel

7/29/04 bone night: All the doggies got a marrow bone tonight (even Ryker, who really didn't eat it, but thought it was great...for a little while).  Here are some pics.  All new doggies were in crates while eating their bones (safety reasons)...all my guys were out, except for Dimmer, who prefers his crate :-)  Enjoy!

Angel (who finally did eat her bone)

Ryker (who never ate his bone, but found it interesting)

Zeus (who never hesitate to eat his bone)

Augie, Austin, Kandoo & Dimmer

7/23/04 Update: Angel is a wonderful little girl and her personality is really beginning to show.  She is busy "finding" her way around all the other doggies...to figure out who likes her and who doesn't.  So far, all of my guys find her irresistible, including Zeus.  Mainly, it's just a matter of figuring out their "tolerance" and who wants to play when.  Of course, Zeus is ALWAYS ready to play, so you will see him in almost all of the pictures taken.  I believe the best "tool" in finding each dog the right home is to "show" that dog at his/her best and worse.  So far, Angel only has a "best" side.  Enjoy the pictures...I sure enjoyed taking them :-)  And, as always, my Austin (Red boy) is definitely game for a chance to rumble :-)

In the house


In the yard


Dave getting a little help at his computer (Saturday morning)

7/22/04 Vet Report:  Angel was an absolute "angel" for her vet visit.  She weighs 30.4 lbs. and laid down (for a belly rub) for most of the visit, including having her blood drawn.  Dr. Brady (Best Friends) believes that she has definitely had more than one litter (how VERY sad) and her last litter was definitely old enough to have been weaned (there is no milk left...and I watched her squeeze), so we must be prepared to take any possible littermates in.  There was some concern about some scabbing on her back leg and front elbow (Debbie (AJ) had brought to our attention when we picked her up), so we tested for Mange and she does NOT have mange!  Yeah!!!  I will apply some Gentocin topical spray to the affected areas and that should do the trick.  The scars and nicks on her face are apparently from other dogs, but some have healed and the others will heal nicely (no treatment necessary).

We also did a QBC to check whether or not she is anemic, and she is at 37.5%, so it is safe to spay her.  She also has a hernia (another thing Debbie brought to our attention) that will be taken care of during her spay surgery, which is scheduled for Thursday, July 29th

Since Angel was asleep on the bed with Dave last night, I saw no reason to disturb her, so I just crawled in bed next to them.  Soon Kandoo came up for his belly rub and Zeus joined in, wondering why he couldn't squeeze in between Dave and I, and she never moved :-)  This morning, after Dave left for work, she jumped (very gently) back into bed and took a little snooze.  I stayed for an extra few minutes so I wouldn't disturb her :-).
Angel and Zeus are becoming friends,  although she's still not real sure.  But Zeus is such a WONDERFUL puppy...and has SO much personality!  He's also very smart, as I'm learning when we do our "battle of wills" daily.  I keep telling him that "moms" have eyes behind their heads and he won't get away with anything.  But he keeps trying, then finally gives up, so I think he's starting to believe me.  I will update Angel's page and hopefully get some new pics of Angel and Zeus tomorrow.  So, be sure to check back soon.

We brought her home (she rode perfectly in the Rodeo, laid down and just looked out the window) and let her explore the yard before meeting any of our crew.  Enjoy some pics of Angel in the yard, as Augie and Austin anxiously await meeting her.  You'll notice that Zeus is quite impatient behind the sliding glass door.  All in good time children...


Zeus (the most impatient of all), gets to meet Angel first.


Meeting the rest of the crew went well, but didn't have time to take pictures.  After all the introductions were made, Angel enjoyed a short nap with Austin.


My husband Dave and I decided that it would be best for Angel if she slept in a open wired crate in our bedroom, giving her a little security and eliminating any possible stress.  Dave has long since gone to bed while I'm working on Angel's page, so I thought I would check and she how she is doing.  Crate????  What crate?  Angel is sound asleep on the bed curled up next to Dave...and she doesn't look a bit stressed :-)

Angel will be vet checked (hopefully tomorrow) and I will update the outcome of that visit.  Before going to her forever home, Angel will be spayed and current on all vaccinations.

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