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 We have a rather unusual story we'd like to share with you.  Generally, Aussielads Aussie Rescue usually deals with "owner turn-in" Aussies from people that have either adopted or purchased and found them to be too exuberant, or for reasons beyond their control, could no longer care for them.  Recently, we received a call from a wonderful, caring man (Ed Ross) who found 2 strays, one an Aussie, the other a Border Collie.  His current situation made it impossible to care for them.  To make a long story short, we went to see the dogs and could not leave without them.  Here's their story:


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Border Collie mix (neutered male)

08/31/00 Andy came into our home, scared, sore and covered with ticks and fleas.  He and Angel spent the first 2 nights in a 12' x 6' kennel, resting comfortably on "moving mats" in our back yard.

09/02/00 Andy was "aged" to be a 4 to 5 year old neutered male.  He was covered in ticks and fleas, has a terrible skin condition with patches of hair missing on his back (it is not mange, possibly allergies).  His ears are infected, and he also has a bacterial infection.  His joints are extremely sore and it's difficult for him to get around.  There's also a good chance that he may have hip dysplasia.  He was taken to the vets (Power Road Animal Hospital) this morning, given a tick and flea dip, ear medication and antibiotics.  He is also being given buffered aspirin for his pain.  He is extremely sweet and gentle and loves human contact (his tail wags if you just look at him).

We are a small organization (myself and my husband, with no foster homes), so in desperation, I contacted several other agencies.  Ken White, Executive Director, and Earl Wagner, Shelter Manager of the Arizona Humane Society, offered to honestly evaluate and determine treatment for both Andy and Angel.  I also contacted Friends for Life, a no-kill shelter, for advice and possible foster home assistance.  After leaving the vets, we took Andy and Angel to Friends for Life, where they immediately offered an opportunity to apply for veterinarian assistance for the possible hip dysplasia and are currently looking for a foster home for Andy where he will be able to build muscle tone and be afforded a peaceful recovery if surgery is possible.  For now, he is resting peacefully.

  09/08/00  Not having heard from Friends for Life, I contacted them today regarding Andy.  I was informed that the financial assistance is only available for personally owned animals, not rescued strays.  At a loss and desperate, I called Earl Wagner of the Arizona Humane Society, who so generously agreed to have Andy diagnosed, including X-rays.  He has an appointment on Thursday, September 14, 2000.  I will keep you posted on his condition.  THANK YOU ARIZONA HUMANE SOCIETY

09/05/00 After several days of watching Andy walk around the yard, potty (he never pottied in his kennel, which, by the way, has a fan blowing in it) and simply lay down back in his kennel, he surprised us today.  This morning, he woke, ready to play with Angel and walked a few laps around the pool.  Wasn't I surprised when he would not go back in his kennel after his walk around the yard?  Of course, with some encouragement (like a treat) he eventually did.

This evening, during his walk, we introduced him to Austin (our Gentle Ben) who has been hanging around the kennel for the last few days.  That was pretty successful, but we didn't want to push it.  We let Andy have some time outside by himself.  Dave stayed on one side of the yard while I walked Andy to the other.  After he pottied, and we praised him, Dave called him back, telling him what a good boy he was.  HE RAN BACK TO DAVE!!!  This is the first time that we've seen Andy run.  We were so excited.  It appears that Andy is improving with the antibiotics and aspirin.  Let's hope this continues.  I will give updates for those of you that are interested.  Come back soon!

09/08/00  Andy's skin is showing much improvement as is his ability to get around.  He would love to get more time out of the kennel, but will have settle for frequent walks around the yard.  His condition is still delicate and he feels threatened by the other dogs.  Right now, it's the best we can do for him.

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Here's some new pics after his bath

09/09/00  When I went outside to let Andy out for his walk this morning, he literally jumped up when he saw me.  He came out of his kennel ready to go.  Soon, Dave had him chasing the ball.  What a great morning...for all of us.  We let him rest for a while and this afternoon thought it was time for a bath.  He got 2 doses of medicated shampoo followed by an oatmeal rinse.  He looked great...and smelled good too.  As he was drying in front of the fan, we moved his kennel to our covered patio, where a ceiling fan is blowing as the misters cool his new home.  He rested some more and this evening went for a walk to the park.  He only had to rest once, but he marked every tree in the park.  He got his evening medication and is now peacefully sleeping.  He deserves it, he had quite a busy day.

09/13/00  Andy has shown so much improvement since being with us.  He loves his evening walks, with Angel, in the park and no time for resting.  His appetite has increased and he's much more active.  What a wonderful feeling it was seeing him running through the yard, tail up and wagging.  Moments like this make everything worthwhile.  Tomorrow he will be going to Arizona Humane Society to be x-rayed and checked over.  I'll post the results as soon as we get them.

Here's the latest pictures we took before Andy is off to be examined.  What a difference 2 weeks can make...enjoy!  And for those of you that "believe", please say a prayer for Andy tonight...thanks!

andy walking.jpg (37155 bytes)     andy tongue.jpg (35398 bytes)     andy standing.jpg (22748 bytes)     andy goodone.jpg (30871 bytes)

09/15/00  Andy spent the day at the Arizona Humane Society where he was treated to all sorts of tests, including Heartworm, and tested Negative to all of them.  He was also x-rayed and his hips showed clear, though they did discover Bone Spurs (Spondylosis), which is causing the abnormal gait of rear legs.   According to the Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook:  Osteophytes are bone spurs that form around intervertebral discs in all breeds as a natural process of aging.  Fusion of these osteophytes, called spondylosis deformans, restricts motion of the vertebral column and can cause pain.  This condition is more pronounced in large dogs.

In most dogs, spondylosis deformans produces few if any symptoms.  Dogs with pain and stiffness respond well to analgesics.

Andy's skin problems are being treated with Fish Oil capsules along with Zinc.  He weighed in at 69 lbs, so he needs to lose some of that weight to take the strain off his back.  He is currently being fed a diet of Hill's Prescription Diet R/D and green beans.

Andy will remain with us for at least a month to give us time to get him back in shape and ready for adoption.  He is a total sweetheart and was a real trouper at the Humane Society.  He just wanted to meet everyone, tail wagging.  When he got home he was quite drugged, so Dave carried him to his kennel.  Andy has never pottied in his kennel and wasn't about to now.  He stood at the door, swaying as he tried to stand, because he needed to go.  With a little help from us, he managed to be able to do that.  Then he peacefully went back into his kennel, where he laid down and fell fast asleep.  He's still a little wobbly this morning, but with some more rest and food, he'll be fine.

We would like to thank Ken White and Earl Wagner of the Arizona Humane Society for all of their kindness and compassion in assisting with Andy.  We could not have done this without them.  They even offered to help us place Andy when he is back in shape.

Stay tuned for updates and pictures as Andy progresses.  And thanks for your prayers!

09/18/00  Andy went to see Dr. Marnie at Power Road Animal Hospital on Saturday to have his skin checked.  Seems as though the secondary infection remains, so he's back on antibiotics for another 2 weeks.  He also got eye drops to help clear up the discharge in his eyes.  He's progressing well, enjoying his walks in the park and romps in the yard.  He now has a "spring in his step" when he's out there.  Until now, Andy hasn't shown much interest in our Aussies, but yesterday Chance (our featured rescue dog) came to stay with us for a "hands on" evaluation.  Once Andy saw Chance, he began running back and forth in his kennel, excited to meet the new addition.  Well, looks like he has a buddy to run and play in the yard with.  Maybe he sensed that Chance, like him, is misplaced and could use a friend.  Animals are a lot smarter than we realize.

09/21/00  Andy is coming along just fine.  His skin condition has improved almost 100%.  He looks forward to his nightly walks in the park, hoping to find people to meet and other dogs to greet along the way.  He runs, when I can keep up with him, but is quite content just "prancing" along.  It won't be long before he's ready to go to a new home.  Andy is a great loyal, loving dog.

09/26/00  Andy's looking and acting better all the time.  I do think he's getting a little lonely though.  He gets along fine with our 4 Aussies, but having them all around him at one time is a bit much for him.  He gets a lot of time in the yard by himself, but I know he would love to be in the house with us now, just hanging out.  If anyone enjoys a good buddy to walk with or sit around watching TV, Andy is the dog for you.

10/02/00  Andy got a chance to meet Gallagher (Aussie) and Kramer (Beagle) when they stayed with us before going to their new homes.  He seems to really enjoy the new rescues coming through.  He also looks forward to his "out" time where he can't get enough petting and praise.  Andy would do best in a home without other animals (so he can get all the attention...which he deserves).  He loves running around the yard and chasing a ball, but mostly he loves being petted.  He needs someone who will be gentle and loving...he needs a friend.

Andy got another medicated shampoo bath this morning, followed by an oatmeal rinse.  I have to tell you...he looks quite handsome!  He remained in the house to dry while our 4 boys helped me clean his kennel.  He spent the afternoon, lounging around, drying, sleeping...all the things he likes to do.  After dinner, this evening, he had his yard time.  Things were going great.  We checked his skin (all hair has grown back and very little flaking).  Of course, checking his skin requires "rubbing" to check the flaking.  He was thrilled.  Knowing he just got a bath, and all the great lengths we went to so he would stay clean, he walked away, laid down in the dirt (we used to have grass, honest) and just rolled around for 5 minutes.  We ran and rubbed him until all the dust came flying off...only for him to run back to the dirt and do it again.  This dog is smart...he knew exactly what he was doing.  At least he was dry, so it was only dust.  We want him to look so handsome when AHS comes to check him out.  Hey, we can always give him another bath...even though it's not one of his favorite things.  What a complete sweetheart Andy is!!!

10/05/00  Andy will be leaving us tomorrow to go to the Humane Society, where he'll have a better chance of finding the right home.  He loves meeting new people and will welcome all the attention he will receive.  They plan on doing a featured story with picture, so check the Arizona Republic for all details on Andy.  We will miss him dearly.  He has been with us for 5 weeks and in that time has learned that it's okay to trust and be loved.  We love you, Andy!

10/06/00  Andy arrived at the Arizona Humane Society greeted by a full welcoming committee.  Earl Wagner was there, along with Gloria, a herding breed expert, who will be working with Andy to make sure he finds the perfect home.  Numerous other staff came in and out, fussing over Andy like he was a celebrity.  I had to double check to make sure it was Andy and not Lassie, Benji or some other famous dog on the end of the leash I was holding.  A vet was waiting on hand to check Andy over and he would then rest in his very own private kennel.  Treats were sliding across the floor, coming out of nowhere (actually the Lost and Found Department was responsible for that)...Andy found everyone of them and then looked for more.  After tears and tissues, and a few "hints" it was time to say goodbye.  We know Andy will be taken great care of and we're anxious to check on his progress.  A feature story and article is in the works, so don't forget to check Ken White's weekly article the Arizona Republic.  Thank you AHS for all you are doing for Andy and the so many others in need.  A special thanks to Earl Wagner...mostly for putting up with me, but for all you've done to make this transition for Andy and us, so much easier.  Don't forget to check back for updates!

10/09/00  We got a call from Earl Wagner, Shelter Manager of the Arizona Humane Society this afternoon informing us that Andy was adopted on Saturday by a wonderful family that could both understand and provide the special needs of this wonderful dog.  We can't find the words to express our gratitude for all they have done.  Hopefully, in the near future, we will receive updates on Andy's new life.  We respect the privacy of the adoption, but are hoping that Andy's new family will share his wonderful new life with us...so we can share this happy ending with all of you that have cared throughout this wonderful, exciting adventure.


angel closeup.jpg (36309 bytes)    angel.jpg (46107 bytes)    "Angel" Blue Merle (female)

Angel, and she so lives up to her name, is approximately a 3 to 4 year old spayed female.  Her only obvious problem is an extreme ear infection, which is currently being treated.  She is very loving and affectionate.  She longs for human contact.  She was covered in burrs, which have all been removed.  She also received a flea and tick dip, just to be safe and her appetite has increased somewhat.

The first 2 nights, Angel spent in the kennel with Andy, but after the vet visit, she was allowed to mingle with the boys.  She now sleeps in the house (she is housebroken and goes through the doggie door) and has enjoyed sleeping next to the bed (on Dave's side).  She also enjoys playing with the boys, especially Austin (our Gentle Ben).  She's a velcro dog and loves to be where everyone else is.

09/05/00 Angel has been so helpful in Andy's recovery.  She encourages him to play and doesn't stop until she gets results (you know how pushy woman can be).  She is doing just great, trying to get these Macho boys of mine to play with her...and she is winning them over one by one.

Stay tuned for the progress on Angel...and see who wins this battle...man or woman.  I personally put my money on Angel...but then what woman wouldn't?

09/06/00  A very nice man came to look at Angel this afternoon and "fell in love" as I knew he would.  Angel still needs to spend some time with us, to have a vet recheck, get her shots and some still needed rest.  We also need to test her personality in different situations.  She'll be attending our grandson's (Marcus) soccer game on Saturday morning, where she'll meet some children and then a trip to Petsmart to meet some more people and other dogs.  If all works out, we figure in about 7 to 10 days, Angel will be ready to go to her new home.  Stay tuned.

angel2.jpg (30450 bytes)    wpe10.jpg (11097 bytes)

Angel's new pics after bath

09/09/00  Angel got a bath yesterday to be ready to go to a kids soccer game today.  There were so many kids and so much noise, but she didn't seem to care.  She sat down and waited for anyone to pet her.  She seemed to just love the kids, having 4 or 5 pet her at one time.  She is the most well-behaved dog that I have ever seen.  She's doing great and has her vet recheck on Monday.  Ears are looking good too.

09/13/00  Angel passed her vet check with flying colors.  She tested Negative for Heartworm, ears are clear and she took her rabies shot like a pro.  She will be leaving us on Friday to go to her new home.  We will miss her terribly.  She is the sweetest, most gentle dog we have ever seen.  Ryan, her new daddy, is a very lucky man.

09/15/00  Angel left us today, she went to her new home.  Ryan and Angel left together about 1:30 P.M. this afternoon.  What a bittersweet moment!  To see her on the adoptions page, click here.   We will miss you dearly, but know that you will be happy and get all the love and companionship you deserve.  Don't ya love happy endings?  Check the adoptions page for her updates.

09/29/00  Pictures of Angel at home!

Angel at home.jpg (37781 bytes)    angel at home1.jpg (32296 bytes)    angel at home2.jpg (42372 bytes)

Need we say more?

  We would like to thank Dave Crabb for his generous donation to help pay for some of Andy & Angel's medical expenses.  Without the generosity and compassion of people like Dave, we would not be able to continue to save these wonderful dogs.

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