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Sunshine & Louis  ADOPTED!!!



Chloe is a beautiful 1-year-old (birth date 2/28/03) Blue Merle.  She is spayed, microchipped and current on all vaccinations and weighs 49 lbs.  Chloe has tested negative for heartworm and receives monthly preventative.  She is energetic, very vocal, and loves to "talk", especially when she wants your attention.  Chloe has personality plus and is a velcro dog who is smart enough to open doors to get to be where you are.  Chloe does get very excited when someone first visits, but settles down quickly.  Chloe is housebroken and crate trained and walks nicely on a leash.


12/15/03 New pics of Duncan and Chopper



ADOPTED 11/30/03

Duncan was adopted by a wonderful family and he will have canine siblings to keep him busy.  Enjoy a few pictures of him meeting his new family.


Thanks to the efforts of many wonderful people, Duncan is safe and comfy in foster care.  He is currently living with several other dogs, including our California Boys, Jazz & Taz (and a few cats).  Thanks to Kristie for evaluating ( and cat testing) him, as well as handling the introduction to his foster home and the critters who live there; thanks to Carol and Dean for taking him in and giving him the love and attention he deserves; and a special thanks to Pam for taking care of all his needs (for quite a long time) until a foster home was found, transporting him to his new foster home and staying with him until the introduction was complete.  Looks like Duncan had some very special Angels looking out for him.  Check back for new pics!

Meet Duncan!  He's had a really rough life, he had been neglected for most of it.  Right now, he is desperately looking for a new family to love him.  Duncan is a beautiful (neutered) Blue Merle who is about 7 years old.  He was diagnosed with an under active thyroid and must take one (1) pill twice a day.  He also suffers from pigmentary keratitis and requires twice daily eye drops.  Duncan is great about receiving his eye drops and his thyroid pills are eaten along with his morning and evening meals.  The cost for his medications is approximately $45 per month (both pills and drops).  He is good with other dogs and would be happiest with a companion.  Duncan is playful, but does not chase Frisbees or balls.  He loves to run and gently wrestle with other dogs and humans and has no problem living with cats.  He loves attention and staying active, but also loves to snuggle and receive human affection.  His back legs are a little sensitive, especially when being groomed.  Duncan walks good on a leash, loves to ride in the car and go for walks.  He is house trained and responds to most commands.  Duncan would do best in a home with older children who are dog savvy.  He is a very loving, smart and sensitive dog.  While he has had a rough life, he would make a wonderful companion for someone who has the patience to work with him.

URGENT!!! Duncan's current situation is not good.  He has been in foster care, but his caretaker is medically unable to continue to care for him.  He is presently being boarded, but does get to go to doggie care during the day (pictured above).  He cannot continue to live in boarding, so he's in grave danger of being put to sleep, simply because he has no place to go.

   09/06/03 ADOPTED!!!

For details on Tucson, please visit Tucson's Page!

 Mr. Red   ADOPTED!!! click on pic for details!

Gus needs a loving family to call his own!


Hi, I'm Gus!  I am a 2-year-old Red Bi Aussie (with a bob tail) male that was found as a stray.  The nice lady that found me named me Gus, had me neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  And now, she's trying to find me a new family.  Here's what she has to say about me:  Gus is a wonderful dog, does not bark/dig/chew, he's housebroken, crate trained, walks well on a leash and gets along great with other dogs and cats, too!  His only "bad" habit is jumping on people when he is excited, but we are working to stop the jumping and he has improved greatly.  He does NOT jump over fences, on counters or on furniture.  He loves people and is easy-going and NOT high energy.  I recommend a home with children over 7 years of age because of his jumping, but otherwise, he is great with children.  He loves being around people and needs an inside home where he is part of the family.

I do sound perfect, don't I?  The one thing you have to know is that I am blind in my left eye.  Kathleen did ask her Vet about it and he believes it is due to an old injury and recommends that things be left as is.  Personally, I had no idea I was blind in one eye...it's doesn't hamper anything I do :-).  Other than that, the Vet says I am healthy and happy (except for having a forever home).

My adoption fee is $75 (a real bargain for such a great Aussie).  That fee also includes a leash, collar, bowl, treats, toys and whatever food I haven't eaten at the time of my adoption.  Another thing...if for some reason you wouldn't want me anymore, Kathleen will take me back.  You can't ask for more than that.

3-legged Aussie needs help!     ADOPTED!!! 

Tripod, as he is now called, was neutered and is up-to-date on shots, including rabies.  Attempts to find his owner were fruitless, so Tripod is definitely looking for a new loving family who will allow him to be the lap dog he thinks he is.

This handsome boy was found by a casino off I-10.  He is very friendly and gets around great.  He is believed to be under 3 years old, has docked tail and is unaltered.  His missing leg appears to be a birth defect since no scarring is apparent.  Bill Ferrell (Sheltie rescue) has placed him in temporary foster care, but he needs a permanent place to go.  Attempts to find his owner are being made.

Beautiful lost Aussie mix needs to find his home!


  Here's a pic of Harley with Suey...enjoying the good life!

No one ever claimed Harley, so here's his story:

I would definitely say that Harley won the doggy jackpot. He is settling in quite well at Chez Donnerstein, and he is ours. My husband says Harley has a leak--he's quite the drooler, but we don't care. He gives lots of kisses and enjoys early morning walks with his sister Suey and me. We adopted Suey from AZ Rescue when she was five; we're big believers in the rescue philosophy, it just seems we cut out the middle man this time! This picture is of Suey and Harley in the back of our car on our last trip to Tucson--even my mother in law is in love with him. We did buy him a bandanna and leash to match his Harley Davidson collar. I don't like motorcycles, but I guess Harley does! By the way, I did not get a single, solitary phone call. He must have been dumped, otherwise someone should have been able to find me on pets911.com or the other places I posted and hung signs. Thanks for your help!

This gorgeous, sweet, and well mannered boy was found wandering in the parking lot of a business complex in Mesa on Baseline Rd. between Lindsay and Val Vista on July 23rd.   He has only a Harley-Davidson nylon adjustable collar with no tags.  He is a very sweet and well mannered boy who knows to sit and shake hands.  He also loves to give lots of kisses. He appears to be well taken care of and looks to weigh about 70 pounds.  He has a full tail with a white tip and is neutered.

The person who rescued him, Jessica, took him to the vet.  The vet estimated he is about 2 to 3 years old and is not microchipped.   "Harley", as he has been named, will be in foster care with Jessica and her girl Border Collie mix.

  Chase (Private Rescue) Phoenix, AZ  Australian Shepherd mix  ADOPTED!!!

I'm Chase. I'm a 2 year old Australian Shepherd mix and full of life. I went to the Dr. recently because I have been limping. The Dr. did x-rays and a valley fever test and said everything came back good with the exception of an old injury to my ankle. I tried some medicine and it didn't do the job. The Dr. said that surgery really won't help me and I should be able to live a long and happy life. So, I'm going to have to be happy just the way I am! My limp doesn't prohibit me from being a normal dog and doing all of the normal dog activities at all! I'm a great boy who loves to run and play. I also love to play ball and take an occasional swim. I get along with most other dogs as long as they don't think they are #1. I've never met kitties, but I'm willing to try if you are. I'm not sure how my house manners are, but I'm a very smart boy and can learn anything new in no time at all. I'm just looking for a great family to share my life with.

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