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wpe1.jpg (16749 bytes)    BLUE MERLE (male) "STORMY"

ADOPTED 10/27/99

Also new to Rescue is Stormy.  He is a Blue Merle male, neutered, approximately 1 year old, pound rescue.   Seems as though Stormy was too sweet and loving and has now became an official member of our family.  My husband placed a ribbon around his neck on my birthday and it was the best birthday present I received.  Stay tuned for pics and updates.

Many thanks to those of you that offered help and suggestions in getting this little girl here from Nebraska.   We appreciate all the responses we received.  Fortunately, we no longer need to bring her here.  She had been in the Town and Country Humane Society in Papillion, NE since 8/4/99.  While we were in the process of finding a way to get her here, I was contacted by a family in Papillion, NE that was anxious to adopt her.  Working together with the Assistant Director of the shelter, that family was screened and educated about Aussies.  Once the paperwork was complete and everything was approved, "Bonnie" went home with her new family on Friday, October 1, 1999.   Again...thanks to everyone for your support!

wpe2.jpg (13543 bytes)        wpe3.jpg (10264 bytes)    BLACK TRI (female) "NEBRASKA" ADOPTED 10/01/99

Nebraska is guessed to be about 1 year old.  She doesn't appear to have had any obedience training, but seems eager to learn.  With a little love and patience, she will make a wonderful companion.  We're glad to tell you that Bonnie (her new name) was adopted by a loving family in Papillion, NE.  We'll keep you updated on her progress.

New pics of Joy   

joy.jpg (291376 bytes)  Joychelan1.jpg (44415 bytes)     Joychelan2.jpg (29165 bytes)    Joy

 Joy.jpg (35027 bytes)    Joyondock2.jpg (28654 bytes)    Joyondock1.jpg (42086 bytes)    Joyondock3.jpg (30792 bytes)

BLACK TRI (female) "JOY" STAAR #2043   ADOPTED 10/3/98

02/22/01  These are the latest pictures of Joy enjoying the kids mid-winter break east of the mountains.  Please note that she is still a counter surfer and manages to eat things not intended for her...Aussies are a full time job and you got to love it...obviously, her family does.

Here's a note from Clark to go with the new new pictures - 10/01/00

Hi Cyndi, it's only 2 but it's a start!!

Here's a couple of pictures of Joy and her friend Cheyenne playing on
vacation.  Joy developed quite a tricky move:  Cheyenne being a yellow lab LOVES the water and will retrieve anything you throw.  Joy doesn't really like the water but, being an Aussie is fairly smart so her trick was to let Cheyenne jump in, swim and get the stick/ball/whatever and wait for Chey to return to shore.  Joy would then promptly grab whatever it was Chey had and run away barking!!

These pics are from one of the endless tug-of-wars  Joy and Chey had over the summer.  Unfortunately, they did this w/a brand new beach towel once and both got sent to their respective dog-houses!!

For other pictures sent through the years, check Joy's page.

Joy is a 4 year old Black Tri that we had the pleasure of fostering for 3 months.  On  10/3/98, she boarded a plane with her new owner to Seattle, Washington.   She could not have found a more perfect home.  Since Joy has been such a special part of our family, and will remain so, via long distance communication, her page will be constantly updated with pictures and progress reports.   Visit Joy on her own page!

PLEASE HELP Chico is missing!

"CHICO"   BLACK TRI  (Pound Rescue) ADOPTED 11/24/98

Chico, our pound rescue, has found a wonderful new home here in Arizona.  He is living happily with his new mom, Tascha, and his new brother, Sammy (in picture on left).  After a short adjustment period, Sammy and Chico have become best friends.   His Mom and Sammy have been teaching him how to play ball and other fun things.   Don't ya just love happy endings!!!

      tess&tillie.jpg (211932 bytes)    tesstill.jpg (81202 bytes)    Tess & Tillie

Star5.wmf (1704 bytes)Star5.wmf (1704 bytes)Star5.wmf (1704 bytes)Adopted on 3/20/99Star5.wmf (1704 bytes)Star5.wmf (1704 bytes)Star5.wmf (1704 bytes)

We'd like to thank FOOTHILLS RESCUE for "taking in" our little girls at their Petsmart event that was held on Saturday, 3/20/99.  Thanks to their time and efforts, both little girls were adopted that day.  No matter which breed we rescue, the end result is to find good homes for all dogs.  And working together always makes that goal so much easier to reach.   Again, we thank you!!!

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