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new pics     New pic 10/09/02

wpe1.jpg (7019 bytes)    cochise bone.jpg (37863 bytes)    cochise bath.jpg (36623 bytes)    latest pics 02/25/01

"COCHISE"   Black Tri neutered (male)  ADOPTED 08/11/00

Update story from "Mom" (Candyce) 09/18/00

"Cochise is Awesome!!!!!!!!  We comment almost daily on what a great dog he is and how much we enjoy him.  His latest trick is to take a rubber ball upstairs and drop it through the rails.  He watches it fall and bounce and then races downstairs to retrieve it.  Then, of course, he starts all over again.  When we start packing the truck to go to Payson, he will get his favorite chew toy and race out to the truck, hop up into the cab and place it on the floor.  Jesse has taught him to pick up the newspaper in the morning at the end of the driveway and race back to the house to give it to me.  As you might have noticed, I always use the word race.  He is the fastest animal alive in our neighborhood.  He is 20 inches at the withers now and weighs in at 37#.  We gave up crating him.  I guess because we don't mind that he sleeps on the bed with us.  He barks at any sound that resembles a doorbell, even if it is on TV.  He is very cautious around the horses feet now.  My horse has taken a liking to him.  What's not to like.  One of the workers at the stable was playing a little rough with him and Cochise's tone changed.  My horse came to his defense, which I think startled the humans around, but not Cochise and the horse.  I often walk the two of them together, Cochise on my left and Cincinnati (horse) on the right.  Well, I could go on and on.  We love Cochise!  He is by far the best dog we have ever owned.  I can't imagine why someone would not have wanted him.  If Cochise has a job, he is most happy.  Thanks again.  (pictures coming soon)

chanciechancie 2001.jpg (34242 bytes)     Chancie.jpg (44103 bytes)    wpe4.jpg (8553 bytes)    wpe1.jpg (9148 bytes)

"CHANCIE"  Black Tri (male)    ADOPTED 08/08/00

12/16/00  Chancie came to visit us today with his little "sister" Maggie, who, by the way, is absolutely adorable  (Please note, Maggie has since passed away).  It seems he remembered all his old buddies and just took up where he left off...running around chasing each other...just like old times.  Maggie, however, was a perfect lady and simply found a rawhide bone to chew on and let the "boys be boys" routine go on around her.  Of course, Chancie did not return without bearing Christmas gifts...a huge tin of popcorn for us humans (which we shared with the non-humans) and a generous donation for rescue.  It was great to see you again, Chancie...and your Mom, too.  Thank you.

Chancie was adopted this evening by a wonderful family.  One look at him and it was all over.  He was the most well adjusted Aussie that has ever come through my rescue home.  He will be going into surgery tomorrow to be neutered.

Hi, my name is Chancie.  I am a 14 month old Australian Shepherd who just arrived  in rescue 08/05/00.  I am potty-trained and very gentle.  I love to play with the other 5 Aussies here and I love people and kids.  I am pretty undernourished (I think that means skinny) but very active.

Chancie loves his new family, as they love him.  He's been described as a "perfect gentleman" and I'm not surprised.  He is easy to love and a joy to be with.


blossom michigan1.jpg (53548 bytes)        blossom snow.jpg (31338 bytes)    blossom snow close.jpg (35209 bytes)    blossom snow1.jpg (28017 bytes)

"BLOSSOM" Blue Merle (female) ADOPTED 08/07/00

Please, enlarge her picture, I guarantee...it will take your breath away...remember...these are someone's "throw away" and someone else's "treasure"

Blossom enjoying the cool grass in Michigan...need I say more?

Blossom is doing great and loving her new home.  She is now living in Michigan.  Blossom lived at her foster home with Bill & Sherie, along with Smokey and M-It.  There she learned how to be a real dog, instead of a "show" dog.  It was a lot of hard work, but they succeeded.  Bill's sister, Betty came to visit (and to meet Blossom) from Michigan and a great friendship formed.  As difficult as it was to let Blossom go, it was the right thing for her.   I believe it was Bill's intention all along to play match maker between Betty and Blossom.  Betty wrote and said they're both doing great.  Hopefully, some new pics will arrive soon.

blue.jpg (37889 bytes)    blue_cool_1.jpg (40319 bytes)    wpe1.jpg (7724 bytes)

ADOPTED 07/09/00  "BLUE" (male) AUSSIE MIX

Blue is now living in Idaho with a very wonderful, loving family.  He left here on Sunday, July 9, 2000.  He made a trip to Tucson, where he stayed a few days, and then off to Idaho.  We will miss Blue very much and we will never forget him.  It sure is quiet here now that he is gone.  Blue is very active, loves to play and talks way too much.  He will have a new buddy to play with in Idaho.

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"M-IT" Blue Merle (male)    ADOPTED 07/00

Hi, my name is M-IT (it used to be Max, but I like M-It better, don't you?) and I'm 1 year old.  Here's a few pictures that my Foster Home sent.  I was very badly matted and had to be shaved, so these are "before" and "after"  hope you like them.  I'm staying with a great family in foster care right now.  I have an appointment to be neutered (not sure what that is, but I don't think I'll like it) soon, but I can't be adopted until that is done.  I'm having a great time where I am, so I don't mind the wait.  Well, the wait is over!  My Foster Home has become my very own home.  (They just couldn't resist all my charm).  I promise that I'll make them happy too.  Check out my great dive and my wonderful swimming techniques.

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