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"ANDY"  (Border Collie male)    ADOPTED 10/07/00

After much "leg work" with Earl Wagner, Shelter Manager of the Arizona Humane Society, Andy was taken there on 10/06/00 because they could provide an opportunity to find that special home that could care for him in a "special needs" situation that we never could.  Andy was adopted by a very special family that will provide all his needs, along with that gentle, loving care that he requires.  AHS does great work and their entire staff is the most compassionate, caring individuals that truly care about each and every animal that passes through their shelter.  We never could have done it without them.

And a special thanks to Ed Ross, who rescued Andy & Angel.  Without his compassion this story would not even exist.

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"GALLAGHER"  (Black Tri male)    ADOPTED 10/01/00

Gallagher left for his new home this afternoon where he will be loved by his new family, which includes children.  Stayed tuned for pics and updates.

Gallagher is a 6 year old (although his age is not evident...still a puppy at heart) (un-neutered, but soon to be) Black Tri male.  The sweetest thing on earth since cotton candy.  We went to meet Gallagher today to get some pictures so we could introduce him to everyone.  Well, after many, many Aussie Kisses, we were able to break away to take some pictures.  What a loveable, well-behaved Aussie.  Gallagher will be neutered this week, and then join our family for a "hands-on" evaluation.  He now lives with a sweet Beagle (Kramer, also looking for a new home) and a very mild mannered cat.  He loves children and loves to meet new people to win over (all Aussies love having a job).

What's a beagle doing on the Aussie page?

kramer headshot.jpg (37451 bytes)    "KRAMER" (purebred Beagle)    

ADOPTED 09/30/00

You must be wondering why Kramer, a Beagle is on our adoptions page (Kramer's wondering the same thing, too.  But he's used to Aussies, so that's okay with him).  Kramer was a "package deal" who came along with Gallagher (see above).  Through the wonderful efforts of H.A.L.O. (Helping Animals Live On) a new, wonderful family came to see Kramer and couldn't resist those soulful eyes.  He has great personality and lots of love to give.  GREAT JOB LAURA

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"CHANCE"  (Blue Merle male)    ADOPTED 09/23/00

Chance is a 5 year old neutered, striking Blue Merle male (blue eyes) with a lot of personality and energy.

Of all the Aussies that have enriched our lives by living with us for such short periods of time, Chance was the most difficult to let go.  He came to us a frightened, bewildered, lost little boy and left us knowing how much he was loved and could be, by many people.

He went home to a loving, understanding and patient family who only has HIS best interest at heart.  He was able to meet Patti (his new Mom) before going home with her, so he was leaving here with someone he was already "familiar" with.  Meeting Patti's son Travis was a "walk in the park"...what a sweet, gentle boy.  We will worry about him because we know that his first few days will be anxious, but we also know that we soon will be nothing more than a sweet memory, displayed by the most slightest, gentle "kick" somewhere in the night while he sleeps,  as he recalls those sweet, gentle kisses on his forehead, letting him know how much he was loved by us.

The hardest part of rescuing them...is letting them go.

Patti called to say Chance is doing great.  Travis has been winning him over with treats (smart boy) and a trip to PetSmart was enjoyed by all.

Angel, our greatest success story!   

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"ANGEL"   Blue Merle (female)  ADOPTED 09/15/00

Angel went to her new home today with her Daddy, Ryan.  She is our most successful adoption to date and was definitely the most difficult to let go.  Someone's "throw away" became someone else's "treasure."  To read her full story, click here.

In her new home, she will experience the love and attention she had been so long deprived (until she was here, of course).  Angel has many adventures ahead of her, such as hiking, long rides and lots of attention.  Ryan has promised to send pictures and updates and we intend to hold him to that.  Stayed tuned!

Word is that "Angel is fantastic" (we knew that).  Things are going great and pictures are on the way.

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