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Mission Statement

Our Purpose is to rescue and re-home existing Lethal White Australian Shepherds.  Our Mission is to ensure, through support and education, a positive environment and successful life-long union for those adopted.  Our Vision is to prevent, and ultimately eliminate, Merle-to-Merle breeding of Australian Shepherds through continuous efforts to EDUCATE!

                Mesa, Arizona

Who We Are!

1/24/05 Dave and Cyndi Cunico are the founders of AussieLads Lethal White Aussie Rescue.  We are located in Mesa, AZ and have been rescuing Aussies for nearly 8 years.  We began AussieLads in 2000 and shortly thereafter, began rescuing Lethal Whites, changing our name to AussieLads Lethal White Aussie Rescue.

In February, 2004, we became a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization.  We acquired a few good partners and, together, we're able to not only save many Lethals, but find them their forever homes, as well.  The past AussieLads partners began their very own rescue, so many Lethals will continue to be safe, giving me the time and opportunity to provide some entertainment, as well as education to all of our visitors.  We are in the process of transferring our 501 status and all monies previously donated, to their rescue to ensure the care and well being of each doggie...and any future ones!

This "name change" is for the 501(c)(3) status only, as AussieLads will continue to operate (in an information network capacity) as a separate entity.

At this time, AussieLads Lethal White Aussie Rescue will continue to provide information about Lethal Whites, as well as continue to provide links to those available Across the USA.  We will also list non-special needs Aussies needing new homes here in Arizona.  Since we have transferred our 501(c)(3) status to the new rescue (to ensure the safety and well being of all the wonderful dogs that were once a part of AussieLads), we are unable to take in any new fosters.  Maybe in time, we will acquire new foster homes, but for now, we will do our part in posting those in need with other rescues.

To each of you that I've had the pleasure of meeting, either personally, by phone or only by email, I thank you for ALL of your support and friendship.  To those whom I've not had the pleasure of personally communicating with, I thank you just the same. 

To all of you involved, at any time, in some capacity with AussieLads, THANKS for a GREAT ride!

Cyndi & Dave Cunico, Founders

AussieLads Lethal White Aussie Rescue (formerly Aussielads Aussie Rescue)

Unfortunately, our quarterly newsletters will no longer be published.  All past newsletters are available online in pdf format.  They can be accessed throughout various pages in the site or by simply choosing an issue from the drop down menu "Newsletters" on the main page.

Please be sure to check back for updates and changes to our site, as we complete this transition.

AussieLads' Beginning

In September of 1997, Dave and I were lucky enough to add 2 wonderful (and "trying") Red Merle (littermate) Aussies (Augie and Austin) to our family...and our lives were forever changed!  When doing research to learn more about this wonderful breed so that we had half a chance of defense against their charm and intelligence, we also learned that MANY were in need of being rescued. :-(  We began working with Alice from Aussie Rescue in AZ (read AZ Republic article), donating old collars, bowls, leashes, etc.  We soon got "sucked" in a little more and began fostering...and the rest is history!

Augie & Austin at 8 weeks old...and all grown up!

In August of 2000, Dave and I decided to branch out on our own, creating Aussielads!  We chose the name Aussielads because of Augie and Austin (Aussies + males = AussieLads)...yes, it was that simple!  In October of 2000, we got a call about an Aussie (mix?) who had one deformed eye and possibly only partial hearing.  That special Aussie was Kandoo.  We had NO idea what to do with him...or how to get him adopted!  Since it was Halloween season, we dressed him up as "Sheriff Joe", took all these great pictures...but no one was interested...so, I asked Dave if he we could just keep him.

Dave was as confused as I was, so I simply requested (since my birthday is at the end of October) that if the answer was "yes", let me wake up on my birthday to see a ribbon around Kandoo's neck.  Needless to say, that obnoxious little Aussie had the biggest red ribbon around his neck that Dave could possibly find :-)  ....he was mine...and still is!

What he taught us, you could not possibly imagine...but those "lessons" taught way back then, is WHY AussieLads exists today.  I thought Kandoo was a "fluke"...a mishap of nature...but when Sage came along, I knew it was time to do something to help stop this tragic breeding!  That was the beginning of S.A.G.E. ...Save Aussies Get Educated!

Meet the aussielads! (and lass)

Augie, Austin, Kandoo, Dimmer, Zeus & Angel

Please check back for more information about the aussielads, especially Augie & Austin (who gave up their original web space for all the Lethals-in-need).

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