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Mission Statement

Our Purpose is to rescue and re-home existing Lethal White Australian Shepherds.  Our Mission is to ensure, through support and education, a positive environment and successful life-long union for those adopted.  Our Vision is to prevent, and ultimately eliminate, Merle-to-Merle breeding of Australian Shepherds through continuous efforts to EDUCATE!

Mesa, Arizona

Mesa 4


Their Story

10/19/03 These 4 precious babies (pictured at 2 days old) are from a deliberate Merle-to-Merle breeding and would already be dead had the owner's Vet not been on vacation!  This litter consisted of 8 puppies, producing 50% Lethals and was done right here in Phoenix, Arizona (possibly Apache Junction area).  This is NOT the breeders first Merle-to-Merle breeding!  The previous litter produced only one Lethal, no longer alive (was killed by a car).  This lady is a backyard breeder and this is her 3rd litter of pups this year.

A friend of this breeder convinced her NOT to kill the pups, but to turn them over to her because she had a friend who would care for them.  The breeder agreed, but when asked if the pups could nurse from their mom to allow them to get all the nutrients they so desperately need, she wouldn't allow it... she claimed she couldn't handle having them around.  She agreed to let them live as long as she didn't have to deal with them.  They are being now being bottle fed around the clock by their foster family.

Now, meet the pups individually!

Blue Merle female, born 9 p.m. on 10/16/03


Blue Merle male, born on 10/16/03


Red Merle female, born 3 a.m.. on 10/17/03


Red Merle male, born on 10/17/03


More pictures of the pups


Kelly, their foster mom, is willing to keep them until they are weaned off the formula and can to placed in forever homes or foster homes.  At this time, we have NO idea of exactly what their disabilities will be.  Once their eyes open (at about 4 weeks old), we will take them to our vet and hopefully have a better idea about any sight impairments.  Until their ears open, we are not able to tell if they are deaf or hearing impaired.  We will post updates and pictures of their progress weekly.  Please stay tuned.


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